Best Restaurants in Kingsland

13 Kingsland Restaurants Where You Can Eat Like Royalty

Kingsland, Auckland – a hipster haven and where vintage clothing stores overflow with bell-bottom bonanzas. But for us, Kingsland’s true heart beats in its restaurants. 

We haven’t always had the best meals in Kingsland though. Blind alleys led us to over-priced quinoa salads and with more succulents than seats that left me feeling like a garnish on someone else’s Instagram feed.

But after a few more visits, and eating our hearts out all over Kingsland, we found the best restaurants in Kingsland.

So join us as we take you through Kingsland’s most delectable dens, all guaranteed to leave you licking your plate and plotting your next return.

1. Nanny’s Eatery

Nanny’s Eatery

Address: 492 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Wednesday & Thursday – 5 PM to 9 PM 
  • Friday & Saturday – 12 PM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 9 PM

Phone: +6492821632

Nanny’s Eatery is where you go for some really good Jamaican food. The standout dish for many is the jerk chicken with mac n cheese. It’s a delightful combination of comfort food and exotic flavours that will transport you straight to the Caribbean. 

For the vegetarians out there, the Ital coconut curry is a dream come true. It’s packed with flavour and has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. 

The Nanny Burger is another crowd-pleaser. Think grilled chicken, avocado, jalapenos, bacon, slaw, and fries—it’s a feast that promises a burst of flavours with every bite.

Pro Tip: For those feeling bold, Nanny’s Jamaican oxtail is the dish to try. It’s a testament to the authentic flavours and culinary prowess that Nanny’s Eatery brings to the table.

2. Crown Bar & Bistro

@torihockley Crown Bar & Bistro – Kingsland #fyp ♬ Pretty (Sped Up) – MEYY

Crown Bar & Bistro

Address: 509 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Tuesday to Sunday – 12 PM to 3 PM & 5 PM till late

Phone: +6498150048

At Crown Bar Bistro, the gastronomic magic begins with their Hawaiian cauliflower tacos. Soft shell tacos with crispy cauliflower, pineapple salsa, and pickled onion slaw—it’s a fusion of flavours that will transport you straight to the shores of Hawaii.

For all the seafood enthusiasts out there, their Thai green mussels and oceanic seafood pasta is a must-try. And if you’re up for a unique twist on a classic, don’t miss out on their herb-crusted eye fillet served with roasted pumpkin, crispy shallots, and a peanut Thai dressing. 

Pro Tip: Check out their catering services—they’ll bring their culinary brilliance to your next event.

3. Rosanna’s Garden Bar & Eatery

Rosanna’s Garden Bar & Eatery

Address: 503b New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Wednesday & Thursday – 5 PM to 12 AM
  • Friday – 4PM to 12 AM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 12 PM to 12 AM

Phone: +64 9 815 0835

Rosanna’s excels in delivering an eclectic mix of dishes that combine traditional flavours with a modern twist. One of the standout items on their menu is the halloumi spring rolls. 

Get the pulled pork nachos. These nachos are loaded with tender pulled pork, melted cheese, and a variety of mouthwatering toppings.

For the vegetarians among us, the falafel mezze is an absolute dream. These falafel balls, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, are served with a variety of dips, creating a dish that is as versatile as it is delicious.

Pro Tip: Get the sharing platter for two if coming with a date. It’s a smorgasbord of their best dishes, making it perfect for sharing with a loved one.

4. Taiko

Taiko Kingsland

Address:  460A New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Tuesday to Thursday – 12 PM to 2 PM & 6 PM to 9 PM
  • Friday to Sunday – 12 PM to 2:30 PM & 5:30 PM to 9 PM

Phone: +64 9 815 0610

Taiko Kingsland is a gateway to the vibrant flavours of Japan, offering a culinary experience that is both authentic and refreshing. When you’re ready to order, you can call out ‘sumimansen’, which will immediately grab the attention of the staff. 

It’s little details like these that make dining at Taiko Kingsland feel like you’ve been transported straight to a bustling restaurant in Osaka. The menu at Taiko Kingsland offers a wide range of Japanese delights, from sushi rolls to sashimi and more. 

You can order extra dishes or repeat servings, perfect for those who want to sample a bit of everything. Their set menus are also a great way to explore a variety of dishes, all crafted with utmost care and precision.

One of the standout dishes at Taiko Kingsland is the aburi salmon nigiri. The avocado dragon roll is another fan favourite. 

Pro Tip: For those who love their meat, the wagyu beef sukiyaki gozen is a must-try. This dish showcases the rich, buttery flavours of wagyu beef, paired with the comforting warmth of sukiyaki. It’s pure indulgence.

5. Umu Pizza

Umu Pizza

Address:  469 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Monday to Thursday – 4 PM to 9 PM 
  • Friday & Saturday – 12 PM to 10 PM 
  • Sunday – 12 to 9 PM 

Phone: +64 9 600 2630

Once you’ve had a taste of Umu Pizza, you’ll understand why this place is at the top of our Kingsland must-eats list. Starting with their #99: truffle cream, wood-fired potato, and gorgonzola. 

The truffle cream is rich and earthy, the potato adds a comforting, homey touch, and the gorgonzola brings a tangy kick that ties it all together. It’s a pizza that’s as sophisticated as it is delicious.

Umu’s #XXX pizza is a testament to the creativity and fun that Umu brings to the table. It’s where the chefs let loose and experiment with seasonal specials and kitchen shenanigans. Each PIZZA XXX is a surprise, a delightful mystery that keeps you coming back for more.

Pro Tip: Get the sweet pizzetta. This one’s for all the dessert lovers out there – a confection of hazelnut, ricotta, and honey.

6. Groove Bar NZ

Groove Bar NZ

Address:  487 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Thursday to Sunday – 5 PM to late

Groove Bar serves mouth-watering dishes that are full of flavour and presented with flair.

The fry bread sliders pack a punch and they’re perfect if you’re planning on having a chilled beer.

Craving a burger? Get their namesake burger—the Groove Burger. A juicy lamb pattie, coupled with swiss cheese, tomato, Branston pickle, and mayo, all housed within a fluffy fry bread. (Yes, it comes with fries.) 

Pro Tip: Become a Groove member! Not only will you get free cocktails on your birthday, but you’ll also have access to daily specials. It’s a win-win!

7. Kingland Sushi

Address: 388 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Monday to Friday – 9:30 AM to 5 PM 

Phone: +64 9 815 3512

At Kingsland sushi they craft some of the most mouthwatering drool inducing sushi you’ve ever tasted. Each roll is handcrafted with the utmost care using the freshest ingredients, a true bite-size burst of umami goodness.

Really everything on their menu is delicious. From the teriyaki chicken to the spicy chicken, every dish is a flavorful celebration of classic Japanese cuisine.

And let’s not forget about the chicken katsu—a dish that will make you fall in love with the crispy, savory perfection that is katsu.

Pro Tip: Feeling particularly peckish? Try one of their bento lunch boxes. It’s a delightful assortment of various dishes that promise a satisfying and wholesome meal. Trust us, these boxes are a surefire way to banish those midday hunger pangs.

8. Venosa


Address: 480 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Sunday & Monday – 5 PM to 9 PM 
  • Tuesday to Thursday – 5 PM to 9:30 PM 
  • Friday & Saturday – 5 PM to 10 PM 

Phone:  +64 9 815 6644

Venosa is one of the most tantalizing dining spots in Kingsland. Start off with their crumbled mozzarella sticks—crunchy and cheesy. 

If you like pasta and pizza, try their pepperoni carbonara. It’s a combination of both pizza and pasta in one—with pepperoni, cheese, garlic, and of course, pasta.

Want something fancier? Get the steak Tagaliata. You won’t be disappointed with this juicy steak.

Pro Tip: Ask your host to help you match your meal with the perfect bottle of wine.

9. @ Bangkok

@ Bangkok

Address: 438 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday – 5 PM to 10 PM 

Phone: +64 9 849 6436

If you love Thai food, you have to come here. The menu is bursting with authentic Thai dishes.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the boneless larb fried chicken is a must-try. @Bangkok has taken the spiciness and freshness of larb and paired it with their own version of fried chicken. 

The pad keemao stir fry is also a crowd-pleaser. This dish, also known as drunken noodles, will have you coming back for seconds. 

But the star of the show at @Bangkok is without a doubt the Gang Dang. This bestseller is a red curry dish that perfectly embodies the rich and complex flavours of Thai cuisine. 

Pro Tip: You can bring your own bottle of wine!

10. Ciao Belli Pasta and Pizza

Ciao Belli Pasta and Pizza

Address: 503 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Monday to Thursday – 5 PM to 9 PM 
  • Friday & Saturday – 11 AM to 9:30 PM 
  • Sunday – 11 AM to 9 PM 

Phone: +64 9 815 3834

Ciao Belli’s Italian cuisine is one for the books. Start off with the arancini mozzarella-fried crumbed rice balls.

And pair it with their homemade ravioli funghi. Corsini mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, and ravioli. The truffle oil it’s served with brings the Italian countryside straight to your plate.

But you definitely should try the Ciao Belli pizza. With the tomato base, mozzarella cheese, and parma ham, it’s the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and savoury. You’ll be dreaming of Tuscany for days.

Pro Tip: They accept large group bookings of up to 10 people if you’re planning an event at this restaurant.

11. Jaan Mediterranean Cafe

Jaan Mediterranean Cafe

Address: 505 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Monday to Wednesday – 5 PM to 10 PM 
  • Thursday to Saturday – 11 AM to 11:30 PM 
  • Sunday – 11 AM to 10 PM 

Phone: +64 9 846 6652

Jaan brings the flavours of the Middle East to your belly. From the moment you walk in, the aroma of spices will make you feel like you are stepping straight into a bustling bazaar. 

Start off with the muska—spinach and feta cheese, wrapped in a flaky pastry. It comes with some pretty darn good tzatziki too. You won’t be able to resist taking a second bite.

Their mixed grill platter is a carnivore dream come true. It has everything—marinated lamb backstraps, chicken breasts, minced lamb served with rice, tabouli, hummus, and salad. You’ll definitely be full after eating this.

Pro Tip: If you’re dining with a group of six or more, you can create a fully personalised dining experience, making it the perfect spot for a fun night out with friends or family.

12. Kingsland Social

Kingsland Social

Address: 462 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


  • Monday to Friday – 7 AM to 3:30 PM 
  • Saturday & Sunday – 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM 

Phone: +64 9 815 0335

If you’re looking for one of the best places to eat in Kingsland, Kingsland Social should be at the top of your list! Kingsland Social is where traditional meets contemporary, with a menu that’s packed with creative spins on classic dishes. 

Take for instance the beef cheek nachos. These are not your average nachos. They feature 24 hours of slow-cooked Greenstone Creek beef cheek, beans, spicy avocado, sour cream, parmesan cheese, and tomato. 

You’ll have a hard time stopping yourself from devouring the whole plate!

Feeling fancy? Get the Greenstone Creek eye fillet. The meat is tender, the salad is fresh, and the fries are crispy—it’s a trio that promises pure bliss.

Pro Tip: Make sure to visit Kingland Social before noon for breakfast. The breakfast menu is just as impressive, with tonnes of delicious dishes that will help kickstart your day.

13. Petra Shawarma

Petra Shawarma

Address: 482 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Hours: Monday to Saturday – 12 PM to 9:30 PM

Phone: +6498158652

At Petra, they bring the flavours of the Jordan to you with their authentic Jordanian dishes.

Start off with their fatat eggplant, one of the best dishes in the house. It’s deep fried eggplant immersed in tomato sauce mixed with crispy bread and chickpeas—all topped with a tahini sauce. 

Their Jordanian shawarma is a must try for all the meat lovers. Choose between grilled lamb or chicken (or both) in a pita wrap with a side salad.

But the star of their show undoubtedly is the Jordanian mandi. This family rice recipe comes served with grilled meat, raisins, cashew nuts, and accompanied by a side of hummus and Arabic yogurt.

Pro Tip: Make sure you leave room for dessert. The basbousa, a sweet semolina cake. soaked in a sugary syrup will satisfy your sweet tooth.