Best Tattoo Removal Specialists in Christchurch
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5 Best Tattoo Removal Specialists in Christchurch

If you’re going for a tattoo removal, you have to ensure the safety of your skin. We think we can help you with this — that’s why we’ve listed the best tattoo removal specialists in Christchurch.

The best tattoo removal specialists in Christchurch can take care of your unwanted ink with a minimum of scarring (if any!). These are the ones who are experienced, amiable, and armed in using the latest laser systems.

So without any delay, we bring you the best tattoo removal specialists in Christchurch!

1)  Sacred Laser

Sacred Laser's Homepage

Best for Industry Leading Laser Technology
Services Laser Tattoo Removal and Lightening
Address Level 1/151 High St, Christchurch Central, (Entrance off St Asaph St), Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no 022 035 8349

Letting go of the past and its mark has never been easier than with Sacred Laser at Christchurch. They have the newest and safest lasers on the market for a simple cover-up or full tattoo removal.

They utilise Cynosure’s Medlite C6 laser, which breaks down the clumpy particles of your tattoo. And they have the Picosure Picosecond laser to deal with the different colours of your tattoo.

They are indeed one of the best tattoo removal specialists in Christchurch. You know what they’re doing because they even have experience being tattooed or having had their tattoos treated like you.


  • Safe and very effective treatment
  • Gold standard equipment
  • Offers full or partial tattoo removal
  • Adept, knowledgeable individuals

Customer Reviews

Ellie Erickson commends Sacred Laser:

“I would highly recommend Sacred Laser to anyone looking for a very high quality and professional service. Sam is an amazing laser technician, she is also super friendly and helpful! An all round great environment and experience.”


2)  Tattoo Removal Company

Tattoo Removal Company's Homepage

Best for Dark and Light Tattoos
Services Laser Tattoo Removal
Address 35 Springfield Road, Saint Albans, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand
Contact no 022 0467746

Tattoo Removal Company is one of the best tattoo removal specialists in Christchurch. This is because they take their time and discuss the best treatment and approach for you first.

The laser that will be used on your skin is Avensis laser equipment. It works at tremendous speed for up to 10Hz and has dual wavelengths to remove both light and dark tattoos.

Additionally, they offer hassle-free payment options whether you like to pay after every session or settle the amount in advance (in which case you’ll get a good discount).


  • Uses the top Avensis laser
  • Faster treatment times
  • Upfront costs and treatment plan
  • Convenient payment options

3)  KM Surgical & Dermatology Associates

KM Surgical & Dermatology Associates' Homepage

Best for Professional Tattoo Removal
Services Laser Tattoo Removal, Photo-Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, and Vein Removal, MACS Facelift Surgery, Liposuction, Dermabrasion, and more
Address Avenue Health, 202 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand
Contact no 03 379 9467

If you want to be assured of a safe and careful tattoo removal, KM Surgical should be your choice! This clinic is led by Dr Ken MacDonald, a dermatologist and dermatological surgeon who offers a wide range of services.

Your laser tattoo removal will be performed by highly trained nurses. They will be using the RevLite laser, which beams down on your skin, safely removing or lightening the tattoo with each session.

Since you have genuine experts to take care of you here, this is one of the best tattoo removal specialists in Christchurch. You won’t leave with ugly scarring or failed treatments!


  • Registered and practised technicians
  • Safe tattoo removal with RevLite laser
  • Clean and comfortable environment

4)  Transform Appearance Medicine and Laser Clinics Ltd.

Transform Appearance Medicine and Laser Clinics Ltd.'s Homepage

Best for Wonderful Removal of Tattoos
Services Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Vein Treatments, BOTOX, Dermal Fillers, Face Lifts, Skin Tightening, Skin Cancer Checks, Hair Restoration, and Teeth Whitening
Address 52a Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no 0800 256 654

Many tattoo removal procedures have disappointed people, but it will be different at Transform as long as you consistently return for each session until the tattoo completely fades.

Using the high-powered Q-switched lasers will direct pulses of light into the skin and obliterate the tattoos. This will only hurt a bit — like a rubber band snapping against your skin.

It’s most effective in lightening black, red, blue, and other dark shades, while it may take more treatments for brighter hues like green, blue, and yellow.


  • Effective and safe laser tattoo removal
  • Q-switched lasers work best for darker shades
  • Manageable pain

5)  Vanish Lasers

Vanish Lasers' Homepage

Best for Skin-Friendly Tattoo Removal and Lightening
Services Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Lightening
Address Mt Pleasant, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no +64 27 5739691

Eager to get rid of your tattoo? You can make it happen with Vanish Lasers. Here, Melissa has experience in vanishing tattoos and will use that experience to take care of you.

Their selling point is in the guaranteed safety of your skin. Other companies would just go on and use old lasers or any wavelengths that leave a permanent scarring or skin damage.

Instead, Melissa uses the Eclipse Q System, which is the latest in laser technology. So what are you waiting for? Come to Vanish those tattoos with confidence, knowing you’ll get a fantastic service!


  • Safe for your skin
  • Melissa is talented and passionate
  • Offers tattoo cover-up and removal services
  • Utilises the Eclipse Q System laser

And those were the best tattoo removal specialists in Christchurch. If you want a safe, honest, and impressive tattoo treatment, you can pick one of these 5 tattoo removal studios we listed.

Do you have any questions about our suggested companies? If you have any, kindly send us your questions by messaging us, and we will get back to you.

As an alternative, you may also like to read about the best dermatologists in Christchurch. They can also look into your tattoo and undo it for you whilst taking care of your skin.