Best Tow Company in Wellington
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Our 6 Picks for the Best Tow Company in Wellington

Can’t park outside of your office due to random cars taking your spot? Leave it up to the top picks for the best tow company in Wellington, which we’re listing in today’s roundup.

Apart from hauling overstayers and illegal parkers out of the way, towing companies also provide you with 24/7 roadside assistance that will see to what’s been bothering your car.

If you Google them, there are many towing services you can find, all of them claiming to be your quality service provider. So which one of them gives you the best deals and service?

That’s what we’re here for, as we will show you the top picks for the best tow company in Wellington! Here goes:

1)  MP Vehicle Recovery

MP Vehicle Recovery's Homepage

BEST FOR  Affordable Prices and Efficient Workers
SERVICES Mechanical Repairs, Vehicle Recovery, and Roadside Assistance, Jump Starts, and Lockouts
ADDRESS Wellington, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS 022 312 7303

When it comes to vehicle recovery, call for MP Vehicle Recovery. They can help when your car unexpectedly refuses to start or when you need to transfer it from one place to another.

Available 24/7 around the Wellington Region, they also handle frustrating lockouts, jump starts, and a wide range of mechanical issues.

Phil and the team always make sure that the car is secured to the truck’s deck by strapping it tight. The company has over 25 years of experience and they know all the tricks of the trade.

They are also kind, timely, and efficient, and willing to entertain your questions or answer if you need any advice at all. Plus, the price you are going to get is affordable.


  • Open 24/7
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Kind, timely, and efficient towers

Customer Reviews

One of their clients, Rufus writes his feedback on Google Business:

“Fantastic experience with Phil at MP Vehicle recovery. Phil arrived on time, was extremely helpful explaining why my car stopped going. Easy towing to my home address and showed me how to fix the car. All for a standard towing price. Dealing with MP Recovery is a real upside to car breakdown. I DO recommend them.”

2)  Jamieson’s Tow-It

Jamieson’s Tow-It's Homepage

BEST FOR  Swift Response and Comprehensive Range of Services
SERVICES Breakdown Assistance (Lockouts, Jumpstarts, Local Vehicle Transport), Emergency Recovery (Vehicle Accidents, Stolen Vehicles, Salvage), Towing Services (Illegally Parked Cars, and Blocked Roadways)
ADDRESS 509 Ohiro Road, Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand

+64 4 389 1976


Jamieson’s Tow-It is one of the top picks for the best tow company in Wellington. They are currently the partners or trusted towers for Wellington City Council and the New Zealand Police.

They offer a full range of towing services from roadside assistance and lockouts to salvage and stolen vehicle recovery through to car storage, and unauthorised parking towing.

Due to their line of work, they are aware and knowledgeable about the parking regulations and whether something is legal or not. Therefore they can help you with anything you need.

Moreover, they have a large fleet of trucks to accommodate various jobs. As such, they have Stingers, Flatdeck, and the famous F550 tower truck that can carry larger vans or trucks.

They come to your aid without going over 30 minutes in Wellington. Count on these professionals to get your car fine and moving again.


  • Arrives at the scene within 30 minutes
  • Knowledgeable and reliable
  • Trusted partners of Wellington City Council and NZ Police

Customer Reviews

Daniel White, a customer, said on Google Business:

“Great service. Even organized a new mechanic to take a look at my car after the one I had called ahead too turned me away.”

3)  Total Towing

Total Towing's Homepage

BEST FOR  Safe and Secure Towing
SERVICES NZRA Roadside Assistance, State Roadside Assistance, All Insurance Towing, Post-Accident Towing, Insurance Company Requested Pickup, Salvage of Vehicles, Lockouts, Flat Batteries, Short Term Storage
ADDRESS 8 Mohuia cres, Elsdon, Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm

For complete safety and peace of mind, Total Towing provides a 24/7 towing service where your car is totally insured on its way to your house, storage, or garage.

The staff are even going to handle everything for you regarding insurance. In case of an accident, or if your car is stolen, they will make an insurance claim for the car and proceed to pay you back.

So they offer roadside assistance anytime and anywhere in the Greater Wellington area, just in case it’s an emergency and you cannot get home.

With them, your car or motorbike will be safe and secure. You get a very good price too from one of the top picks for the best tow company in Wellington.


  • Safe and secure towing
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Fully insured for your peace of mind

Customer Reviews

Here’s what one customer, Steven Thompson has to say:

“Helped me put twice in the same day when what I thought was a flat battery was actually a dead battery. Kind and patient every step of the way, and want to give extra thanks to the driver Mike who was not only friendly, but knowledgeable and super helpful. As good as an unexpected towing experience can be!”

4)  Valley Parking Services

Valley Parking Services' Homepage

BEST FOR  Towing Illegally Parked Cars
SERVICES Towing, Roadside Assistance, Car Park Management, Clamping, Jump Starts, Lockouts
ADDRESS Wellington, New Zealand

0800 25 26 70


Slightly different from the modern tower, Valley Parking Services is mainly a car park management company that also has tower services you can depend on in the Wellington area.

When someone takes up your space illegally, VPS can clamp their wheels… or, if they still won’t comply, tow them out of the area.

And if you have any problems in your car down the road, you have the aid of experienced technicians in case you lock yourself out, you need a change of battery, or you run out of gas.

VPS is also partnered with insurance companies, which means you can let them assist you in those matters about your car.


  • Clamps illegally parked cars
  • Experienced technicians
  • Partnered with insurance companies

5)  Super Low Tow Services

Super Low Tow Services

BEST FOR  Sports Cars Towing
SERVICES Towing and Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Accident Towing, Low Vehicle and Special Projects, Jump Starts, Lockouts, Vehicle Transport, Vehicle Breakdowns
ADDRESS 74 Pharazyn Street, Lower Hutt, New Zealand 5010

0800 252 670


If you have an expensive luxury car such as a Ferrari or Mercedes Benz, Super Low Tow Services has plenty of experience in that area. That gives you an indication of their expertise in towing a car.

With licenced and talented drivers, plus unprecedented Super Low Tow trucks that go down flat to support cars, it’s one of the top picks for the best tow company in Wellington.

When you need to jumpstart your battery or need assistance in transporting your vehicle, or if the car has been badly damaged, they will come to you right away with 24/7 towing and rescue.

Super Low Tow Services has been around for more than 30 years and you can never go wrong with them — they offer a service that’s fast, helpful, and just super!


  • Experienced in towing sports cars
  • Licenced and talented drivers
  • 24/7 towing and rescue
  • Has a fleet of the reliable Super Low Tow trucks

Customer Reviews

One customer, Caitlin Anthony, said on Google Business:

“Awesome customer service, super friendly and incredibly careful with my freshly painted project!!! 10/10 recommend!”

6)  Streamline Auto Solutions

Streamline's homepage

BEST FOR  Damaged Car Buyer
SERVICES Cash for Cars, Car Wrecker, Car Removal, Auto Dismantling, Cash for Trucks, Auto Recyclers, Cash for Vans, Auto Buyer
ADDRESS Barnes St.
12a Barnes St, Seaview, Lower Hutt
Wellington 5010, New ZealandParkside Road
2/55 Parkside Rd, Lower Hutt
Wellington 5010, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

0800 AUTOBUYERS (0800 288 628)
022 6470 730


If you have an old car that you’re looking to get rid of, Streamline Auto Solutions will gladly get it off your hands. They are also well-known around Wellington as a buyer of damaged cars.

Selling your car to them is easy and hassle-free. Best of all, they provide free towing services if your car won’t start. Call them now to get your car assessed and sold at the best price.


  • Buys old and damaged cars
  • Free towing services
  • Accurate assessments and quotes

And that’s all for our top picks for the best tow company in Wellington. If ever you’re in a bind on the road, contact these towing companies so that they may come to you and work on the problem.

Have you tried to use any of the towers we suggested? Share with us your experience and let others know about it.

Oh, and in case you need a little moment of peace and quiet after the stressful experience of getting a car towed, you might like to visit a cafe to unwind and relax with a cup of aromatic coffee. For that, you can read our list of the best cafes in Wellington.