The 9 Best Van Rentals in Auckland

Best Van Rentals in Auckland

By Amelia Montgomery

Imagine hitting the road with a campervan and touring a city dotted with attractions and natural wonders. If this sounds right for you, you’re on the right page… because we’re here to help you out with the best van rentals in Auckland.

There are a lot of things you can do with a campervan in this area. In Auckland or Tamaki Makaurau, you can kayak to the majestic Rangitoto Island, go back in time at the old houses of Parnell, and have your brunch with coffee in Waiheke Island.

All this you can do with a campervan with friends and fellow Kiwis. Plus, in the motorhome, you are provided with all the necessities such as a kitchenette, shower, and toilet, so there’s no need to seek a hotel.

Now without letting you wait any longer, here are the best van rentals in Auckland! These are the companies we found to be offering the best campervans and packages.

1)  Sunrise Holidays

Sunrise Holidays' Logo

BEST FOR Pleasant and Comfortable Campervans
FLEETPiwakawaka (2-Berth), Weka (4-Berth) and Takapu (6-Berth) Campervans
ADDRESSAuckland, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILSWithin NZ: 0800 66 88 37

International Calls +64 09 377 4919

[email protected]

Unlike other motorhomes, Sunrise Holidays makes sure you have the comfort of a home in your freedom camping. It is literally a home that you take with you on your travels.

The campervans are named after native birds that express the size and function of the vehicle. Piwakawaka, a small flyer; Weka, flightless but quick; and Takapu, magnificent gliders.

These are self-contained vans that are built for travelling, excursions, and utmost comfort. Each one has an oven and hob for cooking, spacious bed, table, shower, toilet and for larger vans, a cosy couch.

To take it even further, they have GPS, books, DVD, sound system, and solar panels. And customer support is on your side with roadside assistance too!


  • Home-on-wheels campervans
  • Choose from 3 fully equipped campervans
  • Provides roadside assistance

Customer Reviews

Elizabeth Latham wrote on Facebook:

“We had the pleasure of a Sunrise Campervan experience in Rita for a week around and about in the South Island. She is a gem and as my idea of a great trip is to have the luxury of a travelling kitchen I could not have been happier with what the van had to offer. A great fridge and enough supplies to make cooking a meal a pleasure. The van was toasty warm which was great as the weather was cold. The bed that can be lifted and dropped with the push of a button was delightfully comfortable. Rita was excellent to drive and has great manoeuvrability. All in all a great trip and the staff at Sunrise demonstrated their experience in the industry and commitment to customer service. Thanks team.”


2)  Travellers Autobarn

Travellers Autobarn's Logo

BEST FOR Budget Travellers
FLEETStation Wagon, Chubby Camper, Hitop Campervan, Kuga Campervan, HI5 Campervan
ADDRESSAuckland and Christchurch, New Zealand

NZ: 0800 348 348

AU: 1800 674 374

UK: 020 3287 8375

US: 1 800 469 4790

DEU: 06103 3723 922

Other countries: +61 2 8323 1500


Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Travellers Autobarn is for budget travellers with an add-up of space and convenience. It has two locations for its depot, Auckland and Christchurch.

It has been renting campervans in New Zealand for 11 years and more. Their fleet is modern with converted space-saving vans with a bed, table, storage, and kitchenette.

The most popular choices for backpackers are the Chubby and Kuga vans. Inclusive of the daily rate, you get roadside assistance, unlimited kilometres, and toll-free contact with the rental team.

Why is it then one of the best van rentals in Auckland? The answer to that is in their affordable rates and selection of safe and reliable campervans.


  • Affordable deals
  • Modern, self-contained fleet
  • Renting campervans for over 11 years
  • All-inclusive price

Customer Reviews

darcell mavis commented on Google Reviews:

“excellent experience, very friendly staff everything worked out without any problems, adrian was very obliging and helped us so much with everything! I would recommend travellers autobarn. thank you very much for everything!”


3)  Cruzen Campers

Cruzen Campers' Logo

BEST FOR Couples or with Their Child
FLEETCruzen 1 and Cruzen 2
ADDRESS391a Massey Road, Mangere East, Auckland, New Zealand 2024

0800 Go Cruzen (4627 8136)

+64 800 462 789

[email protected]

Enjoy your driving with Cruzen Campers! It uses a finned-top Nissan NV200 packed with all the essentials and conforming to the country’s road trip regulations.

The Cruzen1 and Cruzen2 are almost the same in all facets except the wider bed of the latter! For couples alone or with a child with them, this is one of the best van rentals in Auckland.

You will feel relaxed as the van streams on, unravelling the many beautiful views around the harbour, the middle of nowhere, and sunny and summer beaches.

Not only that, but all the cutlery you need is included — spoons, forks, glasses, cups, and cooking pans. The solar panel from the roof lets you charge your phone and other electronics.


  • Perfect for couples and their child
  • Has all the cutlery you need
  • Fitted with solar panels to charge your gadgets

Customer Reviews

Here’s B Sloan’s comment which is posted on the website:

We had a great time with the campervan. Booked it last minute and enjoyed our trip. Just the right size for cruising New Zealand roads and self-contained is a bonus. The really nice thing was the ride to the airport upon drop off. Nice!


4)  Jucy Rentals

Jucy Rentals' Logo

BEST FOR Marvelous Campervan Options
SERVICESCars, Campervans, Hotels, Boat Cruises
ADDRESSAuckland, Christchurch and Queenstown City

0800 399 736


Monday to Sunday: 8am – 5pm

This prominent campervan rental started right here in Auckland, New Zealand. People just love Jucy and there’s nothing not to love about it.

When you book with Jucy, you get the best of everything — vans, accomodation, comfort, and sustainability. They have a fleet that caters to couples and families.

You can go green with the Jucy EV, as this car is electric-powered, has fold-up tables, kitchenette, classy couch, wooden floors. And you can call it a night on the roof with a pop-up bed for two.

Apart from that, they have Jucy Condo, Jucy Chaser, Jucy Compass, Jucy Cabana and the more affordable Jucy Coaster vans. You can also enjoy convenience by hiring their vans from Auckland City and airport.


  • Excellent choices for their campervans for your needs and budget
  • Fully equipped with the necessities
  • Also have the green and sustainable Jucy EV

Customer Reviews

Petra Votavová reviewed Jucy on Facebook:

“I could only recommend this excellent car, we were driving, sleeping, living in it , very comfortable and easy to drive and get arroung NZ 😍”


5) Auckland Campervan

BEST FOR Well-Maintained Second-Hand Vehicles
FLEETSelf-Contained, People Movers, 3-Seater Campervans, 5-Seater Campervans, Wagons and more
ADDRESS3 Waimana Rd, Takanini, Auckland, New Zealand

+64 21 135 3605 or +64 21 206 3253

Monday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: by appointment

Auckland Campervan is a Second-Hand Vehicle sale/purchase company for Backpacker Cars and Campervans.

For the last 10 years, they have been dealing with all kinds of the most popular backpacker vehicles. All of their cars are fully serviced, you get a new WOF, camping gear, etc.

Buy your Backpacker car here and be ready for the journey of your life.


  • Fully serviced backpacker vehicles
  • You can rent a neat campervan from them
  • Provides you with various supplies and equipment

Customer Reviews

Here’s a dependable review coming from Maria Jules Bolszer:

“buying my campervan from here. they are very helpful and there vans have very nice interiors. They also checked over the van for me to make sure i was good to go. These guys know what they are doing if you are looking for a camper in auckland be sure to check auckland campervan out.”


6)  Hippie Campers

Hippie Campers' Logo

BEST FOR Great Value Deals
FLEETHippie Drift, Hippie Hitop, Hippie Endeavour Camper and more
ADDRESSAuckland and Christchurch, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILSNZ: 07 3265 9200 or 0800 113 131

Other countries: 1800 777 779

[email protected]

If you like to immerse yourself in a country scene (with fishing, picnicking, or hiking) just like in Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories, you can hire Hippie campervans!

What makes it one of best van rentals in Auckland? It has great rates and designs that go with the campervans in the adventure you have always wanted.

Are you ready to be a hippie and have a memory-making road trip? Look out for their discounted deals on their homepage if so!


  • Stylish camper fleet
  • Competitive pricing


7) ___mode

BEST FOR Freedom Camping Adventures
FLEETSelf-Contained Campers, 2-Berth Campervans, Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs, Minivans and Station Wagons
ADDRESSAuckland, Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand

[email protected]


Monday – Sunday: 9am – 5pm

New for the 2019/2020 season, ___mode’s recently refurbished two-seater campervans are fully self-contained with a fridge powered by a second battery. These campers are perfectly set up for the adventurous couple looking to do some freedom camping. Each van has a compact configuration to meet self-containment requirements and still has ample space for your gear.

These vans come equipped with a 230V inverter power supply for charging laptops and other low powered devices, cooking facilities including a sink and a fridge, bed that can be configured into a table and seats, and a portable toilet.

If you’re looking for more information about ___mode’s campervans, they have a nifty comparison table where you can see all the features all at a glance here.


  • Ideal for couples or friends
  • Refurbished 2-seater campervans
  • Self-contained campers

Customer Reviews

James Fung mentioned on Facebook:

“We had a great car and had no problems. Did our paper work a day before and 10 minutes after arriving the next day the car was ready, great service. On returning the car at different location ,we were taken to the airport after 5 minutes, great service again. Thanks Mode Rentals.”


8) Direct Car & Truck Rental

BEST FOR Fully-Serviced Vans and People Movers
SERVICESCars, People Movers, Mini Buses, Trucks and Campervans
ADDRESS63 Carr Rd, Mt. Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand

+64 9 624 4426

027 434 3988

[email protected]

Monday to Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm

Saturday: 9am-12pm

Sunday: by appointment

If you don’t plan to use a campervan, Direct Car & Truck Rental has got you covered. They have a spacious 8-seater people movers as well as cargo vans for transporting your furniture and equipment.

You can rest assured that the vans are fairly new or are very well-maintained. That means you get to catch that concert you are crazy about or the championship game in basketball.

Collection and returning is pretty simple too, with the staff being able to drive it to your location as long as it does not go any farther than 50km from their office in Mount Roskill.


  • New modelled and fully maintained vehicles
  • Easy pickup and drop-off

Customer Reviews

On Google Reviews, Richard Bomersbach writes:

“We had an absolutely pleasant and friendly experience. My partner and I were in desperate need of a rental car on short notice for a long period of time and Steve did everything he could do help us out. We recommend Direct Car and Truck rental just give them a call and you won’t be disappointed!”


9) Mighty Campers

BEST FORCampervans
FLEETDeuce (2-berth), Jackpot (2-berth), Highball (3-berth), Double Down (4-berth), Double Up (4-berth), Big Six (6-berth)
36 Richard Pearse Drive, Mangere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand
0800 422 505
+64 9 255 3985
OPERATING HOURSDaily: 8am–4:30pm

Mighty Campers is a highly recommended company if you’re looking for a van rental business. They have different sizes of campervans, fully equipped and all well-maintained. You just have to tell them your party size and your intended days of use, and you’re good to go!

You can have the campervan be dropped off and picked up at the airport, before and after use, for a hassle-free trip. Mighty Campers will be able to do that in Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown’s airports as of now. Still, in the future, they’ll surely add more locations for convenience.

What’s more, is that you’ll be able to bring your fur friends with you! With only a small fee added, you can bring up to two pets with you in the van, provided that they’re vaccinated and are well-behaved.

Have the best travels with your family, friends, and even your pets, only with Mighty campers.


  • Fully equipped vehicles
  • Easy rental booking
  • Prompt response and service

Customer Reviews

Here’s what previous clients had to say about Mighty Campers:

“Right from check-in to handing the camper back to MIGHTY Campers, this had to be the easiest process in the world. The Mercedes camper l had was brilliant, super clean and so easy to drive. Booking my next holiday already with Mighty, these guys are the only way to go.”

“We had a great time in the camper! It was clean and stocked with everything we needed. Pick up and drop off was easy. We’d love to hire again!”

And there you have it for the best van rentals in Auckland. Avail of discounts and offers with these so that you can have the most bang for your buck for that dream New Zealand trip!

Do you have any questions about what we discussed? If you do, kindly let us know by sending us a message and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

And for an even more economical choice, if you’re more of a traveller than a freedom camper, you can check out the best car rental services in Auckland.

And while you’re at it, why not document the entire adventure? We have great suggestions for the best dash cams in New Zealand to capture those moments.

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