The 6 Best Van Rentals in New Zealand

Best Van Rentals in New Zealand

Aotearoa has lots of great things to offer but if you’re in for some adventure that’s exciting and journal-worthy, try campervanning. For this, we’ve collated the best van rentals in New Zealand.

Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape and magnificent blue waters, a campervan is the way to go with friends and family. It’s the perfect road trip and vacation that’s home away from home.

Time is on your side as you can choose to stop by and cook for the night, or even head out onto the van’s roof and sit there, feet planted on the hood to enjoy the sunset and view.

Whether you want vans that are affordable, roomier than others, or equipped with more appliances — there’s something for you. And without any more ado, we now present the lineup for the best van rentals in New Zealand!


1)  Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans' LogoWebsite:

Escape the monotony of your everyday by hiring Escape Campervans. Talk about riding in style — they have a good number of designs to choose from!

It is perfect for up to 3 adults in one campervan complete with a kitchen, dining room (with a view) as well as a comfortable queen-sized bed. You also get beach chairs and dining utensils.

Prices are always at a low as compared to its competitors. Apparently, Escape Campervans constantly research the prices that rivals may offer and can set them at a lower rate for you.

Standard insurance is included with the rate for the rental, and if you like, you can reduce this option to zero excess. With cheap prices, great cars, & insurance coverage, it’s a total package.


2)  Mad Campers

Mad Campers LogoWebsite:

Are you travelling solo or by pair? Save up and go eco with Mad Campers because it’s one of the best van rentals in New Zealand.

There are two cars that you can use — either Mad1 or Mad2. Mad1 is for solo adventurers while Mad2 is for two people, but both of these choices provide you with whatever you need.

Cooking is solved with a kitchenette along with LPG 2 burner, sink, fridge, 2nd battery (to charge your phones or play music), and a single or double bed for a comfy, rejuvenating sleep.

Insurance is included but it’s better if you purchase the You’re Good or The Gambler package for a confident driving and peace of mind.

For safety, the campervans have a new battery each time, so that you can drive with unlimited miles and have a great or madly super time.


3)  Maui

Maui's LogoWebsite:

Maui Campervans offer relatively spacious motorhomes perfect for touring with your family no matter where you go.

They have 2-berth, 4-berth, and 6-berth new campervans that are self-contained with a shower and toilet and that have plenty of space to hang out and enjoy the view from the window.

Maui has been giving Kiwis and international travellers the time of their lives in the uncomparable magnificence of the country and the freedom and the thrill too.

Whether you’re travelling to the North Shore or over to the South, they have special discounts available. Not to mention the Hobbiton tour, so check their website often.


4)  The Pod Campervan Rentals


The Pod Campervan Rentals offers the most affordable campervan hire in New Zealand. Their professionally fitted fully certified self-contained rental vans cover all your camping needs and they continue to focus on amazing customer service and have excellent client reviews supporting this.

In addition to their professionally built affordable rental campers, their Pods will offer you awesome value for your money. You can rent three types of vehicles: adventurer, traveler, and economy. Their popular choices include the Adventurer which is a midrange camper with a large fridge, aux battery and solar panel. For the budget-conscious, they also have Traveler and Economy campers. More details here:


5)  Britz

Britz's LogoWebsite:

Bringing 30 years of experience to the fray, Britz is one more of the best van rentals in New Zealand. It can simply be summed up with these words: a modern fleet and 24/7 dedicated customer support.

Pick a car either for 2 berths, 2+1 berths, 4 berths, and 6 berths for an affordable price. These models include a shower and toilet to stay refreshed every day, ready for the next destination.

Also, Britz has discount rates where you can save up to enjoy getting a tan or some running at the beach, eat at sumptuous restaurants, or appreciate nature and animals through hiking.

It is perfect for the journey, travel, and excitement you have been dreaming of — or putting off for a while.

4)  Jucy

Jucy's LogoWebsite:

Your holiday vacation in New Zealand doesn’t get any jucy-er than this. They offer a range of campervan options, so you and your whole family are in for a wild and fun ride across the islands.

Choose from exciting campervan choices of Jucy Cabana, Jucy Coaster, Jucy Condo, Jucy Chaser, Jucy Compass, and EV. Amenities include kitchen, toilet, showers, and bedding.

Experience is what they will offer, along with a warm and friendly attitude, which is very Kiwi. You can reach them anytime you need help.

No doubt it’s one of not only the best van rentals in New Zealand, but it could be the best in the world too.

And that concludes our list of the best van rentals in New Zealand. When you are planning a trip, take our first picks to give you a quality travel and first class comfort.

So what did you think of the van rentals we listed? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send us a message.

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