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Top 5 Clinics for a Vasectomy in Auckland

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Looking for clinics that offer vasectomies? We’ve got you covered, as we’ve outlined the top services for a vasectomy in Auckland here for you.

To give you a heads up, we’ll first talk about the average cost of vasectomy surgeries in Auckland. Then, we’ll present to you our top list of clinics, our opinions on their pros and cons, and some patient reviews.

Without further tarrying, let’s start!

How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost in Auckland?

A vasectomy service consists of three stages: pre-operative consultation, the surgery itself, and post-operative care.

The average cost of having a vasectomy in Auckland is $487.75. We didn’t factor in one clinic’s price in that median since it’s an exception.

So, here are the prices for the best vasectomies in Auckland. The clinic whose price quote we didn’t include in calculating our average was CityMed, since it has an unusually high price of $600.

Snip Vasectomy Clinic$495Newmarket, Henderson Takapuna, and Manukau
Auckland Vasectomy Clinic$480Ellerslie-Panmure
Hillsborough Medical Centre$480Hillsborough
Vasman$496Auckland CBD
CityMed$600Auckland CBD

Anyway, the price of the procedure includes the doctor, nurse, medical equipment, and theatre or room. The prices above are all-inclusive, in other words, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses that may surface.

It would also help you save money if you are a Southern Cross policyholder. Auckland Vasectomy Clinic is one of the Southern Cross affiliated providers on our list.

Furthermore, other clinics, such as The Cooper Clinic and Snip Vasectomy Clinic, can totally or partially fund your surgery provided you have medical insurance.

The Best Vasectomy Services in Auckland

Now that you know how much you need for a vasectomy, it’s time to go over the best vasectomy services in Auckland! Bear in mind that these aren’t in any particular order, by the way.

1)   The Cooper Clinic

The Cooper Clinic's Homepage
Best forExceptional service
Erectile dysfunction
Sexual health
AddressRoyal Oak: 682 Mount Albert Road, Royal Oak 1023, Auckland  
Takanini: Unit 27, 108 Great South Road, Takanini 2112, Auckland    
Takapuna: 2 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, Auckland 0622  
Newmarket: 7 Morrow Street, Newmarket 1023, Auckland
Contact details0800 884 408
[email protected]
PricesKindly enquire the clinic for rates

Enquire Here

With caring, gentle, and adept doctors, The Cooper Clinic is one of the top services for a vasectomy in Auckland.

They offer a no-scalpel vasectomy conducted in a modern and comfortable setting. They are trained to do it safely and efficiently and it’ll be over before you know it.

Their clinics are spread around in West, South, North, Central Auckland to the South Island in Queenstown. There should be one that’s closest to where you live.

The doctors are affiliated with different insurance providers too, allowing you to get a lot of savings. You can also book and pay online for privacy and convenience.

What’s more, their clinics have a lot of parking outside for your car. And no GP referral is needed for them to conduct a vasectomy procedure.


  • Gentle and experienced doctors
  • Light sedative option
  • Easy online booking
  • Affiliated provider
  • Carpark available


  • Prices are not transparent

2)   Snip Vasectomy Clinic

Snip Vasectomy Clinic's Homepage
Best forPainless and fast vasectomy
AddressNewmarket: Family Planning, Level 2/5 Short Street, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand  
Henderson: Wai Health Whanau House (Ground Floor 4/6 Pioneer Street, Waitākere, Auckland 0612, New Zealand  
Takapuna: 15 Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand  
Manukau: 2 Wiri Station Road, Level 3, Family Planning Clinic, Manukau City Centre, Auckland 2104, New Zealand
Contact details0800 DR SNIP​ (0800 377 647)
[email protected]
Office hoursMonday – Friday: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: closed
PricesVasectomy: $495 Sperm
Check test kit: $40

Enquire Here

A vasectomy is a sensitive procedure and it’s important to make sure your doctor is qualified and well-equipped to handle it before you make a booking.

At Snip Vasectomy Clinic, this is what you’ll be getting, as former patients can attest. It’ll just take about 15 minutes and that’s all she wrote—no pain, no discomfort whatsoever.

The nurse will have a phone consultation with you first to brief you on the vasectomy, check your health condition, and answer questions you may have.

Their procedure is modern and doesn’t involve the use of a scalpel. The doctor uses the Hyfrecator to close the ends of the sperm tube without needing to cut or stitch internally.

Once the procedure is over, you don’t have to come back. And you can pay them by cash, EFTPOS, credit card, or online through Humm.


  • Advanced equipment
  • Expert and caring doctors
  • Reasonable price
  • Accepts cash, EFTPOS, credit cards, and Humm


  • $8 surcharge for a credit card payment

Customer Reviews

Except for one in our survey, clients have been satisfied with the service. They described the staff as  non-judgmental, friendly, and professional.

One patient shared his experience at Snip Vasectomy:

“Very friendly and non-judgmental staff. Short, easy, simple procedure, and a lot of information on how to heal up properly. Far less scary than I thought. 100% would recommend!”

Also, here’s a snippet from another patient’s review:

“As for the procedure, it’s fast and basically painless. I was expecting some pain even if only dull or lingering but there wasn’t any for me, totally fine. The doctor and assistant nurse were great, they made sure I knew everything I needed to and kept some general conversation as things were going so everything felt comfortable.

After it was done I was able to get up and walk out like normal, I expected to feel like I had been kicked or something but no, it was fine. Follow the doctor’s instructions of course, ice on and off and take it easy for a few days. Anything you need to know, you can call snip and they will answer any questions you have.”

3)   Auckland Vasectomy Clinic

Auckland Vasectomy Clinic's Homepage
Best forPersonal attention
Address350 Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Auckland 1060, New Zealand
Contact detailsPhone: (09) 579 6953
Fax: (09) 579 8711
Office hoursMonday – Friday:8.30 AM – 6.00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: closed
PricesPre-vasectomy counselling: $80
Vasectomy procedure: $400
Follow-up appointment: free
Total cost: $480

Enquire Here

Auckland Vasectomy Clinic is a leading clinic based in Central Auckland. Here, Dr Dexter Loos will give his fullest attention to you from consultation to the vasectomy.

He is very experienced and has performed surgeries on many clients with success.

The surgery will be performed under a local anaesthetic to numb the scrotum where the incisions will be made. You will therefore feel no sting or pain since the hole is so small.

Although the surgery takes about 40 minutes, twice longer than with other doctors, you are assured of a high-quality service.

Dr Loos is a Southern Cross affiliated provider, so if you are insured with Southern Cross, you may get a discount to pay the fees.


  • Careful and effective operation
  • Free follow-up consultations
  • Southern Cross affiliated provider


  • The procedure takes 45 minutes

4)   Hillsborough Medical Centre

Hillsborough Medical Centre's Homepage
Best forProfessional and friendly doctors
General medical consultations
Skin cancer checks
Women’s health
Childhood immunisations
Influenza vaccinations
Nurses diabetic checks
Varicose veins treatment
Address165 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland 1042, New Zealand
Contact detailsPhone: 09 6257010
Fax: 09 6256410
Office hoursMonday and Thursday: 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday: 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: closed
PricesVasectomy: $480

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Hillsborough Medical Centre offers a broad variety of services conducted by professionally registered doctors. They are either fellows or members of the RNZCGP.

The clinic offers one of the best vasectomy services in Auckland. The reason is that they are Cornerstone accredited, which means they perform the job well above standards.

The vasectomy is a bit different at this clinic. The doctors will inject your arm with a mild sedative and also tie and stitch the ends of the vas deferens.

Additionally, Dr John Russell does not use the no-scalpel technique. He believes it would not confer any benefit at all as the scrotum still has to be incised.

However, if you aren’t sure, you can book a physical or virtual consultation with a doctor. That will help you know whether getting a vasectomy in this clinic would fit your needs.


  • Virtual consultations available
  • Highly qualified doctors
  • Cornerstone accredited clinic


  • Patients may not be comfortable with their surgical method

Customer Reviews

According to patients, everyone was friendly and professional, from the receptionist to the doctor. Here are a couple of reviews they wrote of Hillsborough Medical Centre:

One patient named Harshil commented:

“I have been going to Hillsborough Medical Centre since I was born, and have seen every general practitioner that’s worked there. A true 1st class clinic with kind, curtious , and the most professional doctor’s.”

Also, another patient said this:

“Top class medical centre. The customer service is simply excellent and the doctors very experienced and reliable.”

5)   Michael Mackey Urologist

Michael Mackey Urologist's Homepage
Best forVasectomy reversal
ServicesProstate cancer
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) / Urinary flow issues
Bladder cancer
Bladder/kidney stones
Vasectomy reversal
AddressConsulting Clinics  
Ascot Central  
Level 1, 7 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive, Remuera, Auckland  
Southern Cross Northern Clinic  
Ground Floor, Entry A, 212 Wairau Road, Glenfield, Auckland  

Operative Bases  
Ascot Hospital  
90 Greenlane Road East, Remuera, Auckland  
Southern Cross North Harbour Hospital  
Entry B, 232 Wairau Road, Glenfield, Auckland
Contact details09 444 4301
Office hoursMonday – Friday: 8.30 AM – 5.00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: closed
PricesKindly enquire the clinic for rates

Enquire Here

For a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal (reconnects the small tubes to bring sperm into the semen), Michael Mackey is one of the best urologists who can help you.

He has more than 2 decades of experience, having worked in public hospitals in the UK and New Zealand. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Michael is known for providing minimally-invasive surgeries so that there is faster recovery, fewer post-surgery complications, and a positive vasectomy experience.

He works at two locations in Auckland: Ascot Hospital and Southern Cross North Harbour Hospital. By the way, he’s an affiliated provider of Southern Cross, so you may be entitled to a lower treatment price if you are insured.


  • Highly practised urologist
  • Minimally-invasive vasectomy
  • FRACS member
  • Southern Cross affiliated provider


  • Prices are not transparent

FAQS about the Top Vasectomy Services  in Auckland

So that finishes our list of the top vasectomy clinics in Auckland. From what patients have said, it’s most likely you won’t feel any pain or distress with the surgery.

Do you have any questions about this topic? If you have anything at all, kindly send us a message, and we’ll get back to you in a bit.

Moreover, if you need advice on family planning, you could ring one of the best sexual health clinics in Wellington. They can also help you decide whether to have a vasectomy or not.