The 7 Best Water Blasters In New Zealand

Best Water Blasters New Zealand

A water blaster is a huge help in washing the outside of your house or your car thoroughly. If you’re looking for one, you’re in luck, as we’re listing the best water blasters in New Zealand today!

It can be difficult to make sure you buy the best water blaster, after all — particularly if you’re not quite sure what you should be looking for.

We’ve tried to make the task simpler by pre-selecting the best ones on the market. That way, you’ll be able to restrict your search to the highest-quality options from the start.

However, it still helps to know a little bit about how to choose the right water blaster for your needs. So, we’ll start with a quick review of what to consider, such as your purpose for the water blaster and the type you need.

After that, we’ll move on to the top water blasters in New Zealand.

Purpose of Cleaning


Before you buy a water blaster, you should first think about where you will use it. This will do a lot to narrow down your choices later on.

Are you going to use it to clean your walls, driveways, shed, patio, or deck? Or to do some heavy-duty jobs like construction space cleaning?

Then, you have to consider the frequency of your intended use. Are you going to clean daily, weekly, or twice or thrice a year?

List your answers to these questions so you can refer to them easily later on. Now, we’ll guide you through the different types of blasters available to make your choice even easier.

Types of Water Blasters


There are 4 main types of water blasters. These are cold, hot, electric, and gas-powered (such as diesel or petrol types).

In this article, we’ve included only the electric and gas-powered water blasters… for a simple reason. They just tend to be more useful all-around as well as more powerful. 

Cold Water Blasters

Cold water blasters are the simplest types as they only use pressurised cold water. This will do for quick washing and cleaning for lighter duties around the house, but little else.

On the bright side, they’re fairly inexpensive options for water blasters. They can send out a strong gush of water, though still not one as powerful or effective as their gas-powered or electric counterparts.

Hot Water Blasters

A hot water blaster would be good for a lot of casual home cleaning projects. This is because it removes bacteria and mould present on the area you are cleaning.

It also packs enough pressure to take away relatively tough grime, oil or dirt. You do have to be careful with these, though, because the hot water makes them a bit dangerous. 

Electric Water Blasters

These types of water blasters are convenient and easy to tow and carry around. They have a mid-range pressure level that makes them ideal for home, car, furniture, and floor cleaning.

However an electric water blaster is limited by the reach of its cord. It’s also safer not to use extension cords as they can negatively affect the performance of your water blaster.

This blaster’s advantage over gas-powered pressure washers is that they don’t emit any pungent smoke and produce less noise. 

Petrol or Diesel Water Blasters

In terms of pressure washing, these water blasters are the most powerful options. This makes them perfect for use on larger-scale washdowns for offices, construction areas, or factories.

Because they don’t use an electric cord, they are not limited in reach and area either. However, they’re definitely among the heaviest and hardest-to-carry blasters!

Best Water Blasters in New Zealand

Now that you know the types of blasters available and how to orient your search for the best water blasters in New Zealand, let’s take a look at the top ones on the market:


1. Kärcher K4 Premium Electric Water Blaster (13241080)


Best Overall Water Blaster

Sprayer type Electric
Pump type Anti-rust N-Cor Pump
Maximum pressure 1900 psi
Flow rate 7 litres/minute
Dimensions 411 D x 305 W x 584 H (cm)
Ideal for cleaning house, outdoor flooring, furniture, cars and vans

 Price: NZ$599

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 An industry-leading brand, Karcher has produced yet another superb piece of equipment. You get full control over the cleaning of your house with the Kärcher K4 Premium Electric Water Blaster.

You can adjust the pressure setting from soft to hard levels by just turning the nozzle clockwise. A trigger gun allows for easy spraying and washing on the surface it’s aimed at.

It is extremely manoeuvrable and lightweight with the retractable handle. Hence, cleaning will be a pleasant experience as well as efficient.

It also includes an attachable surface cleaner with which you can soak any surface, e.g. stone, concrete, or flagstones. Plus, you’ll get a useful 5-year warranty to deal with any issues that arise.


  • 1900 psi for max pressure level
  • Has detergent cleaner
  • Two attachment nozzles (spray lance, pressure wash)
  • Provides you with a 5-year warranty

Customer Reviews

The Kärcher K4 premium has mixed reviews. Some love it, but some feel they didn’t get the value they expected in terms of the spray holder, pressure level, and plastic parts.

But those who did like it felt it was worth the cost because it was so easy to use and consistent. One owner said this:

“Used to blast off several years of accumulated grime from our decking without any issues.

I’ve borrowed other peoples pressure washers before and always found them to be very temperamental, especially if using quite a long water hose. Maybe only because its new, but no such problems with this model.

The hose storage options arent great if Im honest, but I can live it as this will only get occasional use in the garden.

I’m hoping the water cooled motor will prolong its lifespan. Buying on “Prime Day” I got this for a great price, so happy days.”


2. Flash P2000 Petrol Water Blaster


Best in Favourable Reviews

Sprayer type Petrol
Pump type brass pump
Engine Ducar petrol engine
Maximum pressure 2000 psi
Flow rate 6.8 litres/minute
Ideal for cleaning house, vehicle, pavement, concrete, garden, patio, deck

 Price: NZ$419

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Petrol water blasters are usually bulky and heavyset, but not the Flash P2000. It is slimmer in appearance than similar blasters, with a compact but mid-range engine mounted onto its trolley.

Spray-clean your personal property at the strength of 2000psi with this blaster. You can change the nozzles (it has 4) to reach and clean difficult angles and places.

You even have a place to clip in your spray gun without breaking the holder. Plus, the cushioned handle and durable wheels will make it comfortable to bring around as you go.

In the area that you are cleaning, you’ll have a longer range than average too, with a hose that’s 5m long. No frustrations either as it rolls fast on the clip so that you won’t look disorganised on the floor.

Along with this, you’ll have a 2 year warranty. It’s easy to see why so many owners love this model!


  • Max pressure level is at 2000 psi
  • Premium Ducar brass engine
  • Never-flat tires and soft grip handle
  • 2-year warranty period

 Customer Review

This water blaster has been commended a lot, with the total review rating for it being 4.8 out of 5 stars. That’s due mostly to the hi-powered pressure spray coupled with its jet patterns and easy manoeuvring.

Chris from Hokitika said:

“Really happy with the pressure and different nozzles on the machine. Perfect for cleaning the dirt and mud off my 4×4 and dirt bike, also used it in the house to get moss and dirt off. Really happy.”


3. Bosch Universal Aquatak 130 Water Blaster (06008A7B40)


Second-Best Overall Water Blaster

Sprayer type Electric
Pump Type 3 cylinder
Maximum pressure 130 bar or 1885.49 psi
Flow rate 380 litres/minute
Ideal for cleaning house, smaller spaces, corners like curbs and gutters, patios, garden, and cars

Price: NZ$299

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The Bosch Aquatak 130 Water Blaster sprays water at 1885 psi. For high pressure and control on smaller areas, you have the pencil jet to rinse your patio, driveways, muddy vehicle completely.

Take note that if you like, you can also apply a detergent beforehand.

Its sprays only use the amount of water that’s required for the wash, making it water-efficient. What’s more, larger wheels and a telescopic handle let you move it with ease.

After use, simply clip the spray gun back onto the unit. So, for spick and span, efficient results, you can’t go wrong with the Bosch Aquatak 130.


  • 130-bar pump electric water blaster
  • Versatile with different wash settings
  • Includes a reliable detergent nozzle
  • Portable with large wheels and handle

Customer Reviews

This product received a rating a 4 stars out of 5 stars from owners, many of whom liked its size and value-to-price ratio.

Tassaduq contributes to how Aquatak 130 is one of our best water blasters in New Zealand:

“What makes it best over others :

  1. The price tag for 130bar pressure ( if compared to best brands like kaercher).
  2. Compact and durable
  3. Sufficient pressure for not only washing your car but cleaning anything like tile pathway and all areas where pressure washer is required.

The pressure is that much sufficient that it gives your car touchless washing, while using it , you can actually feel the pressure jerk in your arm.”


4. Jobmate Electric Water Blaster (GSH02A)


Best for Budget Water Blaster

Sprayer type Electric
Pump Type Aluminium
Maximum pressure 2030 psi
Flow rate 6.67 litres/minute
Ideal for cleaning house, patio, deck, backyard, concrete, steps

Price: NZ$199

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If you’re looking for a powerhouse water blaster, choose the Jobmate Water Blaster. It boasts a 2030psi blasting power that blows away stubborn debris or stains that are not removable with an ordinary hose.

It also lets you adjust the angle of the blast easily (for tackling high surfaces). This is a convenient bit of engineering that a lot of people will appreciate.

Besides that, your cords will be organised thanks to the cable hook. The handle and lightweight design also give this model mobility.

But probably the most interesting thing about it, as far as most will be concerned, is the price. This is easily one of the cheapest good water blasters you’ll find on the market, particularly with this sort of power.


  • Affordable good water blaster
  • 2030 psi for an immaculate clean up
  • Changeable angles for a better washing 

Customer Reviews

Practically all reviewers of the Jobmate Electric Water Blaster have been pleased by their purchase. LaraB from Tauranga, NZ, says:

“Way more powerful than I expected… did a great job clearing mossy stains and gutters from the house and fence… would highly recommend”


5. BE Petrol-Powered Water Blaster (BAR2660-R)


Most Convenient Petrol Water Blaster

Sprayer type Petrol
Pump Type Annovi Axial pump
Engine Powerease vertical engine
Maximum pressure 2600 psi
Flow rate 8.7 litres/minute
Ideal for cleaning house, pavement, stonework, gravel, siding, vehicles, furniture, building, farm etc.

Price: NZ$595 exclusive of GST

See It Here

When you have a tough cleaning job to do and are short of time, you should get the BE Petrol Water Blaster. It delivers a powerful spray of up to 2600 psi at a flow rate of 8.7 litres per minute.

The higher pressure level and swift flow rate is due to the Powerease vertical engine. You can also attach 4 different nozzles to suit your washing style and apply detergent as needed.

It’ll force out even hard stains and grime that’s been stuck for a while. The power on this thing can dislodge even tougher caked-on dirt!

In case the heat gets too high, by the way, the valve automatically shuts off on this model. This is useful so that the water blaster doesn’t get damaged or affected, plus it ensures safety for you and others.

And for design, you have a robust construction with oversized tyres and easy grip handle. Even if the weight is heavier than electric models at 35kg, it’s still pretty good for petrol ones.


  • Max spray output is up to 2600 psi
  • Change to 4 nozzle spray settings
  • Big tires and easy grip handle for mobility
  • Has a detergent tank


6. Hyundai 4200 Petrol Water Blaster


Most Powerful Petrol Water Blaster

Sprayer type Petrol
Pump Type Triplex pump (AR brass head)
Engine OHV petrol
Maximum pressure 4200 psi
Flow rate 15.1 litres/minute
Ideal for cleaning industrial and commercial spaces, farms, building sites, paint removal

Price: NZ$1899

Avail At The Market

Your professional cleaning solution is already settled with the redoubtable Hyundai 4200 psi Water Blaster. Powered by a 15hp OHV engine, it pumps out an amazing 15.1 litres/minute.

That power alone makes it the ideal choice for taking on the dust and grime of an office building. Owning one enables you to aim and clean up even high places!

Then it comes with 4 spray attachments that send water out in various angles. It also comes with a detergent nozzle.

Even if you have no connective water supply such as a faucet or pipe, you can just grab a huge pail full of water and fire away. Yes, even if that’s in the middle of nowhere — this model is self-priming.

We also like that the Hyundai 4200 has a corrosion-resistant steel frame. All these features backed by a 2-year warranty put this squarely in our list of the best water blasters in New Zealand.


  • Heavy-duty pressure washer at 4200 psi
  • 4 spray attachments and 1 detergent attachment
  • OHV petrol engine to pull off the huge pressure
  • 2 year warranty


7. Toolshed Diesel Water Blaster


Best for Commercial Duties

Sprayer type Diesel
Pump type Direct drive piston and radial pump
Maximum pressure 3500 psi
Flow rate 20 litres/minute
Dimensions 810 x 645 x 755mm
Ideal for cleaning office buildings, vehicles, farming equipment, pavement, and driveways

 Price: NZ$1999 inc. GST

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 You have an all-rounder of a pressure washer with the Toolshed Diesel Water Blaster. Not only can it direct a concentrated force of water onto any surface, it can also draw it in and even filter it!

What supplies its power is the 10hp direct drive piston that takes your washing to 3500 psi at a humongous 20 litres per minute.

At the same time, you can easily switch over to scattered jet sprays in 3 angle options. And you can also add a detergent to ensure that the sidewalls of your office are spotlessly cleaned.

You have a nice holster too for the spray gun, along with an 8m hose made out of rubber. Therefore it offers range and distance for your cleaning without slowing you down.

Instead of the standard two, this model also has four durable wheels that keep it in an upright position. Along with that, you have a relaxed wide handle for easy mobility.


  • Exceptional cleaning up to 3500 psi
  • 3 spray nozzle modes
  • Has detergent injection feature
  • Can also serve as a drainer
  • 1-year warranty covers for any defects or damages 

Safety Tips

As a final note, we’ll just remind you of some safety tips to apply to whatever water blaster you do decide to buy.

The first thing to note about water blasters is that they have a pressure level that breaks through wood or hard surfaces. In other words, they can be dangerous if you’re not careful with them.

Always be mindful of where you’re aiming your blaster. Try to avoid using it too if there are others in the vicinity who may cross your path.

Anyway, here are some more safety tips when using your water blaster:

  • Before using a pressure washer, always keep an eye out for people, pets, objects, glass, or any unpredictability.
  • Protect yourself at all times by wearing safety goggles, earmuffs, gloves and boots.
  • Always turn it off when not in use.
  • Never use an extension cord because it can decrease the performance of the water blaster.
  • Be careful not to spray appliances, power outlets or cords. Steer clear of all forms of electricity.
  • Don’t use ladders, instead work up your pressure washer to reach a certain height.
  • Only use gas-powered water blasters outdoors and where there’s a good amount of ventilation.
  • Above all, be safe and careful every time you use it.

And with this, we conclude our list of the best water blasters in New Zealand as of the moment! Any of the ones we’ve listed above should be capable of tackling most jobs.

Do you have any questions at this point? If you do, just let us know through the comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Finally, take note that this is only one of our articles in our home maintenance products series. For instance, you may also want to read about the best lawn mowers in New Zealand.

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