The 17 Best Yoga Studios in Wellington

Best Yoga Studios Wellington

Practising yoga clears away the toxic feelings inside of you and considerably improves your flexibility, strength, and balance. You can try it out or continue to learn new asanas in the city; and to guide you, we’ve narrowed down the best yoga studios in Wellington.

With hundreds of studios that offer a particular style of yoga for enticing deals, how do you know which one you should go to, though?

Start with what style you think you like and you will have hit the right notes if the people are nice and friendly. We also strongly advise picking a studio whose physical characteristics set you at ease.

You can try our picks for the best options in the area. Here is our list of the best yoga studios in Wellington to keep you healthy and cheerful in mind, body, soul, and heart.


1)  Urban Yoga – Te Aro

Urban Yoga's Meditate PositionWebsite:

Amid apartments and bars, Urban Yoga can be found at the 3rd level of the Fraser House in 160 Willis St. You’ll soon find yourself in a neat-looking studio with padded ground and a wooden fence by the windows.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged here to learn the foundations and alignments of the asanas before progressing.

And you won’t just get any teacher either. They are carefully selected and gauged based on their experience, openness, and communication with the students.

There is even a pregnancy course that comprises 4 sessions with gentle exercises that will benefit the bodies of soon-to-be-mums.


2)  Empower Studio – Wellington CBD

Empower Studio's YogaWebsite:

Empower Studio is a great option if you want your yoga experience to come grounded in some exercise science.

You will meet Kim and Andy Munro when you take your course here. Andy is a Sports and Exercise Science graduate while Kim is a yoga practitioner logging in more than 500 hours of training.

If you’re new to yoga and don’t know where to start, sign up for their alignment or TRX suspension courses. Other than that, take on the Vinyasa Flow for a full body training with focused breathing.

Classes are only up until a certain limit to give you space and attention to correct your posture or stretch it further under the teachers’ guidance.

Situated in Wellington CBD, this coastal town is very accessible to Kiwis and has specialised courses, nutrition coaching, and instructors with concern for the students. This surely deserves a spot on our list of the best yoga studios in Wellington!


3) Katoa – Wellington’s Wellness


At Katoa – Wellington’s Wellness, they focus on developing and strengthening their customers’ physical and mental fortitude. They teach and practice holistic health techniques to help find and maintain a healthy state of mind and lifestyle. Massage Therapy, Yoga & Meditation are some of the oldest health care treatments, practiced in numerous cultures for over 4,000 years and it is still a leading therapy today.

Their combination of Yin and Yang yoga styles offer a powerful practice that challenges, heals and strengthens both body and minds. At the moment, Katoa – Wellington’s Wellness hosts private classes but will soon have group sessions.

They also use a unique blend of Swedish, Deep tissue & Thai massage techniques. They personalise your massage, working with what your body needs.

A friendly, fluffy bonus? You get to meet their 10-month-old Wellness Wolf at the studio!

4)  Awhi Yoga and Well-Being – Johnston St

Awhi Yoga and Well-Being's StudioWebsite:

Bringing the open values of community and support, Justine Hamill and Jase Te Patu are the teachers and owners of Awhi Yoga and Well-Being. The word Awhi means to embrace, nurture, cherish, and hug.

They offer classes that strengthen the body through Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation. If you’re keen on practising yoga and increasing your social circle, look out for their workshops, dance events, and seminars and retreats.

Almost everyone has nice and positive words for the yoga they have had here. From the ease you feel as you train in yoga to its classes, to its equipment and app to let you know their timetable — it fits perfectly in the list of the best yoga studios in Wellington.

Like a river reflecting the sky and the sun, the studio has shiny wooden floors that reflect the natural light from the windows. It is spacious with a beautiful flower emblem on the front wall reminding you what it stands for.


5)  Habit Health and Fitness


The Habit network began in 2003 as a single health, fitness and rehabilitation centre in central Wellington’s Johnston Street.  Doing things a little bit differently, they deliver a premium gym solution with integrated Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Personal Training, which eventually included a wrap-around care model including Psychology and Occupational Therapy too.

Combined with a full range of high-end equipment and personal trainers are also physical rehabilitation clinics and on-site nutritionists.

Habit offers three yoga classes: Yoga (regular), Yoga slow, and Yoga vinyasa.

6)  Yoga On Thorndon


At Yoga on Thorndon, they believe that yoga is about community. A community that is welcoming and inclusive. They believe that yoga is for everybody, and we believe in the magic that each unique body holds. They move with awareness, honouring how bodies feel each step of the way, and at the same time, they challenge our comfort zones in an act of self-study.

Their team of highly experienced teachers are passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with their community. They have teachers from all over the beautiful planet sharing a common love of yoga. They are here to support your practice with personal attention and extensive hands on experience and knowledge.

The studio space itself is calming, welcoming, and comfortable. With beautiful hardwood floors and plenty of natural light streaming in through the big windows, featuring a view of the beautiful pōhutukawa trees across the way. They use infrared heating during winter, which is not only good for the body, but also assists the practice of yoga in the chilly times of year.

The styles of yoga on offer are a mix of traditional and contemporary yoga. They offer Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Yin Restorative, Yin/Yang, Core Flow, and more.

Make sure to check their schedule here:

7) Pacific Yogaflow


Pacific Yogaflow is a blend of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. With this yoga style, your body becomes strong and flexible, your mind calm and peaceful.

The Pacific Yogaflow Studio, is a beautiful purpose built yoga studio, just 30 min north of Wellington in the lovely seaside village Plimmerton.
Pacific Yogaflow offers 10 classes each week with 2 styles of classes: Pacific Flow is a warm flowing dynamic practice, delivering strength, flexibility, and absolute calm. Pacific Bliss is a gentle practice, beginning  with a slow warming flow and ending with a sequence of deeply meditative healing stretching and restorative poses. Both classes are open level.

8) Wellington Yoga and Meditation Centre


Wellington Yoga and Meditation Centre is located just on the upper Cuba Street and fully equipped with mats and props. Casuals and Yoga enthusiasts are both welcome. The prices are $12 unwaged; $15 waged (drops to $12 when you prepay 5 or 10 classes).

Their classes vary from beginner level to level one (general classes). Level one students should be familiar with basic inversions like shoulder stand and headstand, even if they need more support in these poses. Every last week of the month all classes will be restorative classes, so make sure you bring some warm clothing, and socks for these classes.

9)  Iyengar Yoga Centre

Iyengar Yoga Centre's Yoga ClassWebsite:

A lot of yoga studios only focus on the health or external aspect of the practice, but Iyengar Yoga goes beyond by also giving attention to the  practical and spiritual side of it.

A teacher, writer, and yoga master, B.K.S. Iyengar shared his knowledge about yoga, saying that it means “a union of body with consciousness, and consciousness with the soul”.

There are various classes on offer for beginners and advanced students alike with Level 1, 2, 2/3, Restorative, and Reflection classes.

Iyengar style is famously known for letting you stretch even further with props or providing your body some support. They also pay attention to the fine details of the asanas to relax your body and find the joy within.

It is held in the century-old Bake House and you can see the bare skeleton of the roof supported by a beam between the sides for a nice atmospheric touch. Also, the floors are wooden with hanging bulbs and plenty of space for yogis.

10) Tusk Yoga


Providing a getaway in Wellington’s high-speed CBD, Tusk Yoga is about getting people away from their desks and moving.

The experienced teachers provide Yoga at its best and are well versed in the needs of their Central City Clients working to encourage and support their yogis in fully focussed 45/60min lunchtime and evening classes.

A series of highly effective Vinyasa, Ashtanga (LED), Hatha, Yin, Stretch and Pilates classes each week has been designed to strengthen, align and re-balance the body targeting the needs of those of us with busy work-lives.

The Classes are moderately priced ($20 for a drop-in rate, mat included) and with the easy access, you can immerse yourself in a beautiful oasis of calm, surrounded by New Zealand native bush images.

11) Pause – Yoga Studio


Pause Yoga is an award-winning, purpose-built, architecturally designed yoga studio nestled in the hillside of beautiful Days Bay, near Wellington. Students describe the yoga experience as being enhanced by the ability to practice in a beautiful space overlooking a stunning landscape.

The focus at Pause Yoga is to teach mindfulness coupled with therapeutic movement. They offer physically and mentally engaging yoga practices including Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Hatha flow, Yin yoga and mindfulness. They deliver classes with a strong focus on anatomy, mindfulness and body awareness.

Pause Yoga comprises of a team of three teachers who aim to deliver a high-quality experience in an award-winning location in Days Bay: Beena Hedge, Claudio Escutia and Cathy Gamba.

Cathy, the owner of Pause, is on her way towards becoming a psychologist, she is currently studying at Victoria University and is about to enter her Honours year. She has deep roots in the practice of mindfulness and is acutely aware of the connection between physical health and mental health. She has recently enrolled in a two-year course offered by the University of Berkeley and the Greater Good Science Centre to qualify as a certified mindfulness teacher in 2023. The course is led by Jack Kronfield and Tara Brach with valuable guest speakers such as Jon Kabat-Zinn and Eckart Tolle.

Cathy’s classes have a focus on pre-emptive mobility therapy and mindfulness. She likes to deliver secular, playful, structured and athletic classes to her students with the aim to 1. get students better educated on their body’s anatomy and range of motion 2. get students to develop more body awareness through different yoga & mindfulness practices 3. Get students to develop more strength and flexibility to help prevent injuries. Cathy has been training with Tiffany Cruikshank and the Yoga Medicine team since 2013 and has now more than 500 hours of teacher training under her belt, she still attends trainings regularly.

Claudio Escutia is one of the three resident yoga instructors at Pause, he is a musician and sound healing practitioner, originally from Mexico City. He is passioned about music – and its spiritual and therapeutic qualities – to help us find balance and connection in this journey.

Dr Beena Hegde is a practising medical doctor and mother of 2 young adults . She has regularly practised Yoga for almost 20 years discovering it while she was pregnant with her first child and found the physical and emotional benefits undeniable. When Pause opened 5 years ago- Beena was the first student to attend the studio and with the support, encouragement of Cathy, she took the next step to training as a Yoga teacher, and then the opportunity to teach at Pause. She will always see both western medicine and Yoga as aligning perfectly with each other and a great pathway to total health and well being. And, if she could it is sure she would prescribe Yoga to everyone!

12)  HealthFit Collective


HealthFit Collective has a 5-year vision: to positively influence one million New Zealanders by 2025 through all their services, locations, and workplace wellbeing programmes.

Offering both recovery and vinyasa yoga, their focus in their small group training sessions is on quality, inclusivity, community and fun. These classes fit a maximum of 12 people and operate over a 5-week block. This structure allows for variety and progress movement, intensity and complexity over time, geared towards achieving long-term results.

13)  Hot Yoga Wellington


Since establishing their first studio on Wakefield Street in 2008, Hot Yoga Wellington has aimed to create a safe, vibrant space within the bustle of the city for kiwis to explore and deepen their yoga practices. All are welcome here: they invite beginners and seasoned yogis alike to sweat, laugh, and breathe with them in a space of honesty and openness.

As a studio, Hot Yoga Wellington’s strength lies in their experienced teachers and in a consistent, holistic approach. They believe that your yoga practice is a personal one, and they encourage you to experience a range of different yoga styles to find the one that best suits your body, goals, and unique needs. Hot Yoga Wellington offers five different class styles: Hot, Power Vinyasa, Hot Sampler, Yin-Yang, and Yin.

14) The Yoga Studio


The Yoga Studio is an intimate space in the heart of Karori, Wellington that offers classes for aerial yoga, yoga for teenage girls and kids. There are also 6-week beginner yoga classes too! They offer a variety of classes for all ages and stages to compliment you wherever you are in your life journey.

15)  Hatha Yoga with Natasha


Natasha’s yoga classes are developed for a variety of needs, including restoration and strengthening of physique, deep relaxation and work with energies. Having her own relationship with yoga practice for two decades now, she is blessed to have been trained with best teachers of the Saraswati lineage on how to share yoga science with others and help them to awaken their body and mind.

Natasha is the only one in Wellington that offers regular Yoga Nidra sessions on weekends. She has earned a direct initiation and training to Yoga Nidra from Swami Satyananda, the developer of Yoga Nidra, via his student and her Guru.

Natasha’s personal belief is that yoga should be a fun, safe and introspective journey for everyone! Check out her webpage for different approaches to bring yoga into your daily life: whether you wish to visit group classes or have a personally developed practice for your specific needs; whether you are a beginner or wish to deepen your long term practice.

16)  Yoga for the People


Whether you are looking to strengthen your body, improve your mobility or calm your mind – Yoga for the People’s classes will help you towards your goals. In fact, they’ve been the only studio in Wellington since 2005 offering Bikram Yoga – the original hot yoga sequence and now Inferno Hot Pilates.

Yoga for the People’s teachers are all highly-qualified, and the purpose-built Studio is modern, spacious and well equipped, to provide you with a safe and hygienic heated yoga and pilates experience.

17)  S P A C E Studio – Mt Victoria

S P A C E Studio's Yoga ClassWebsite:

Close your eyes and feel your breath and presence; Feel the space around you that’s still, quiet, and empty.

In s p a c e studio, you get to stretch up and relax your body where you see the flowing blue sea and lush hills from atop Mt Victoria.

They have Yin classes that restore and invigorate your body as well as Yang sessions to improve strength, range, and balance with tree poses, sun salutations, arm balances, and warrior movements.

Coming to the studio feels like a retreat on its own and Restorative Yoga works well for athletes who need a recovery from intensive training with the aid of props like blocks, bolsters, and fascia balls to get them ready to compete again.

Here you get s p a c e from your fast-paced work environment and get natural endorphins to be happier and healthier. Hence, we picked this as one of the best yoga studios in Wellington.

And those were your best yoga studios in Wellington! If you need work on your flexibility or strength, you won’t go wrong with these studios and the classes they have to offer.

Do you have any questions or comments about our topic today? Write them down in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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