How do botox treatments work

How do botox treatments work?

Botox injections are used all around the world as a means of treating neck spasms, eliminating wrinkles, controlling excessive sweating, and reducing migraines. Due to the unique nature of Botox, it can be difficult to understand how these injections work.

So, to help you learn more about this cosmetic procedure, we’ve prepared a quick step-by-step guide to Botox treatments.  In addition, we’ve also provided various resources pertaining to skincare, facials, waxing, dermatologists, and other similar services.

Explaining Botox Treatments

Explaining Botox Treatments

Initial Consultation

As is often the case with most medical procedures, patients must first undergo an examination from their physician or dermatologist.  This initial phase serves as a way to first, brief patients on the treatment process and determines the volume of Botox to be administered.

In addition, consultations also allow physicians to prepare patients mentally by informing them of the risks associated with these treatments.  Depending on a patient’s medical history, these risks will often vary so it’s important for physicians to be extremely thorough.

Last but not least, patients can also use this consultation as a means to voice their concerns and pose any important questions they may have.  This also helps alleviate a patient’s worries and makes them more comfortable with the procedure.

Pre-treatment Preparation

Prior to treatment, there are certain preparations that must be made by your dermatologist or physician to ensure quick and efficient procedures.  Depending on how often you have botox injections the actual steps your physician takes may sometimes vary.

For most, however, the process begins with your doctor preparing the right amount of botox for the treatment.  While the exact amount will differ with each patient, most treatments typically use between 25 and 75 units of Botox.

If you’re receiving Botox treatments for the first time, it’s normal for your physician to use a skin marker to create guides for each injection site.  This practice helps physicians identify the right treatment area during the actual procedure.

Botox Injections

With the patient briefed and the treatment guides set, the physician can then begin the process of administering botox into either the skin or muscles.  The actual site and depth of the injection depend largely on the patient’s purpose for treatment.

Most cosmetic treatments require shallow injections that remain within the skin to allow proper dispersion and maximum effectiveness with regard to reducing wrinkles.  For therapeutic applications, injections are usually a bit deeper and will often penetrate into the face muscles.

For reference, botox injections are usually 6 to 10 millimeters deep with intramuscular injections residing on the higher end of the scale.  

Post Care/Results

Once the injections have been completed patients will usually be advised to refrain from any serious physical activity such as yoga or weightlifting for at least 3 hours.  It is also recommended that patients perform facial exercises to improve results.

Results will usually become apparent within a few days after treatment.  As more days pass, full results will eventually show.

Now that we’ve discussed the basic steps of Botox treatment, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of this special medical procedure.  We also hope the resources within this article will be of use to you if you intend to seek out other cosmetic offerings.