How much does it cost to go to Waitomo Caves

How much does it cost to go to Waitomo Caves? 

Are you planning a visit to Waitomo Glowworm Caves and wondering how much it costs to visit? 

Fear not! We’ll give you all the information you need to help you plan your visit so you can enjoy every minute of your trip without going over your budget.

How much does it cost to go to Waitomo Caves? 

You can expect to spend at least 1,126 NZD on a trip to Waitomo Caves. This price includes transportation, accommodation, basic admission, and extra activities in the caves.

Here is an overview of what is included in a budget of 1,126 NZD for a trip to Waitomo Caves.

Admission & Activities• 826 NZD — admission & activities per adult

• 753 NZD — admission & activities per child

Accommodation• 150 NZD — a one night hotel/lodge stay
Transportation• 150 NZD — car rental/bus fare to and from Waitomo Caves
Total1, 126 NZD

Keep in mind that this price is just a basic estimate, as it doesn’t include what you may spend on food or souvenirs during your trip to Waitomo Caves. So, you may end up spending more or less than this price. 

Admission to Waitomo Caves 

Expect to spend a minimum of 61 NZD on admission to the Waitomo Caves for adults and 28 NZD for children if you’re going to simply see the caves. 

The basic admission price for Waitomo Caves gives you access to the iconic Glowworm Cave experience, where you’ll take a guided tour of the world-famous glowworms and their spectacular cave formations.

But other fees may apply if you want to add additional activities to your Glowworm Cave tour. We recommend purchasing a combined ticket that includes access to multiple tours or activities to avoid extra fees.

Remember that discounts are also available for seniors and students with valid IDs. So, if any of these apply to you, make sure to look out for these when booking your tickets so that you can enjoy lower Waitomo Cave entrance fees!

Waitomo Caves Adventure Activities

Black Water Rafting & Lost World Caving are two popular adventure activities at Waitomo Caves. Black Water Rafting starts at 170 NZD per person for adults and 130 NZD for children. Meanwhile, Lost World is a seven-hour caving epic adventure that starts at 595 NZD per person.

Black Water Rafting includes tubing, rock climbing, and swimming through glowing caves filled with hundreds of thousands of glowworms! On the other hand, the Lost World Caving experience gives you most of the day to explore the Waitomo caves, go swimming and abseiling. 

Do note that the price can vary depending on which travelling agency you go with or ticketing company. 

Waitomo Caves Accommodation

If you decide to stay overnight at Waitomo Caves, you will spend a minimum of 150 NZD on accommodations. This price would cover a one-night stay at a lodge/motel near the Waitomo Caves. 

Around the Waitomo Caves are different hotels, lodges, motels, and even campsites. Below we’ve listed a few places we’ve enjoyed staying at when we go to the Waitomo Caves.

HotelsTainui Novotel — starting at 299 NZD

Hamilton Ibis — starting at 219 NZD

Motels/InnsCaves Motor Inn — starting at 135 NZD

Panorama Motor Inn — starting at 170 NZD

Woodlyn Park Hobbit Motel — starting at 160 NZD

LodgesWaitomo Caves Guest Lodge — starting at 150 NZD

Waitomo Lodge — starting at 180 NZD

CampsitesWaitomo Top 10 Holiday Park — starting at 27 NZD

Waitomo Caves Transportation

Transportation costs for Waitomo Caves will vary depending on your method of travel. We recommend setting aside at least 150 NZD for car rentals and buses or buying tour packages that come with transportation.

 Here are some of your options:

  • Car Rental 

If you don’t already have a car and plan to drive yourself, you can rent a car in town for a daily rate. A one-day rental starts at around 90 NZD, plus additional insurance charges and taxes.

  • Bus

You can also catch buses directly to Waitomo Caves from nearby towns or cities such as Hamilton, Rotorua, or Auckland. Public bus fares for long journeys start at 15 NZD— just check the schedules in advance for the route you’re taking.

  • Tour Packages

Plenty of tour packages are available, with pickup included in the price! These tours usually include transportation and admission fees to attractions at the Waitomo Caves — prices vary but typically are a minimum of 150 NZD per person (depending on the included activities).

Two tour companies we’ve used before that had transportation to and from Waitomo Caves are here, if you need recommendations: 

Waitomo Caves Tours and Transfers

Address: BL Tourism Group Ltd 2 Hikaka Street Te Kuiti Waitomo, 3910

Contact Info: +6478787580

• Boat tours, walking tours, and black water rafting tours
Black Water Rafting Waitomo

Address: 584 State Highway 3, Waitomo Caves 3977, New Zealand

Contact Info: +64 800 228 464

• Black water rafting tours