How much does a trip to New Zealand cost

How much does a trip to New Zealand cost? 

Thinking of going to New Zealand? You probably want to prepare a budget for the trip, then. 

Luckily for you, we’ve already gone over the estimated expenses for someone travelling to New Zealand, from the airfare to the accommodations. Let’s break them all down below.

How much does a trip to New Zealand cost? 

A trip to New Zealand can cost at least 2,350 NZD per week per person. 

This estimate includes affordable lodging expenses, a few restaurant meals, and home-cooked meals per week. A few sightseeing activities are also considered, but more extravagant excursions, such as adventure sports or private tours, are not.

Based on this approximate estimate, New Zealand might be an affordable vacation destination depending on your travel preferences. 

Usually, the longer you stay in New Zealand, the cheaper it will be. This is compared to those who have fly-in-and-fly-out itineraries, as these tend to have higher expenses.

Approximately how much does it cost to fly to New Zealand? 

Approximately how much does it cost to fly to New Zealand

Here is an approximate cost of how much it would cost for one person to fly to New Zealand from visa-waiver countries and territories and those with residents who often visit New Zealand. 

CountryRound Trip Ticket PriceOne-Way Ticket Price
Andorra3000 - 6000 NZD1000 - 3500 NZD
Argentina8000 - 20000 NZD6000 - 14300 NZD
Australia500 - 1500 NZD200 - 800 NZD
Bahrain3400 - 6500 NZD1900 - 4100 NZD
Belgium3500 - 6000 NZD2000 - 3500 NZD
Brazil3000 - 7000 NZD2400 - 4500 NZD
Bulgaria2000 - 4500 NZD1000 to 3500 NZD
Canada3000 - 4000 NZD1500 - 2500 NZD
Chile3500 - 8000 NZD2000 - 7000 NZD
China (Visa needed)1000 - 5000 NZD800 - 2000 NZD
Croatia2900 - 4200 NZD1600 - 3500 NZD
Cyprus3500 - 4200 NZD2000 - 2900 NZD
Czech Republic3500 -4300 NZD1500 -2500 NZD
Denmark2500 - 4200 NZD2300 - 3300 NZD
Estonia3500 - 4800 NZD1500 - 2500 NZD
Finland3500 - 4000 NZD1500 - 2500 NZD
France3300 - 4500 NZD1500 - 2500 NZD
Germany3700 - 5000 NZD1900 - 3500 NZD
Greece3500 - 3900 NZD1900 - 2900 NZD
Hong Kong2100 - 3500 NZD1100 - 1700 NZD
Hungary2800 - 3300 NZD1500 - 2400 NZD
Iceland3300 - 4000 NZD1600 - 2400 NZD
India (Visa needed)2400 - 2800 NZD900 - 1800 NZD
Ireland3800 - 4600 NZD2200 - 3000 NZD
Israel3700 - 4200 NZD2500 - 2700 NZD
Italy3300 - 3500 NZD1600 - 2500 NZD
Japan2200 - 2700 NZD1000 - 1200 NZD
South Korea1800 - 2500 NZD900 - 1200 NZD
Kuwait3900 - 7500 NZD2000 - 3500 NZD
Latvia3500 - 4500 NZD1700 - 2500 NZD
Liechtenstein3600 - 5300 NZD2000 - 2500 NZD
Lithuania2500 - 3500 NZD1700 - 2600 NZD
Luxembourg2500 - 3400 NZD1600 - 2000 NZD
Macau1600 - 2500 NZD1000 , 2300 NZD
Malaysia1500 - 2500 NZD700 - 1200 NZD
Malta3500 - 4000 NZD2000 - 2700 NZD
Mauritius3500 - 4500 NZD1500 - 2000 NZD
Mexico3600 - 4500 NZD2000 - 2300 NZD
Monaco3500 - 4500 NZD2200 - 2500 NZD
Netherlands3300 - 4500 NZD1700 - 2900 NZD
Norway3500 - 4500 NZD1800 - 2500 NZD
Oman4500 - 15000 NZD2100 - 4400 NZD
Poland3000 - 4000 NZD1000 - 3000 NZD
Portugal3000 - 5000 NZD1500 - 3500 NZD
Qatar3000 - 15000 NZD2000 - 5000 NZD
Romania3200 - 6000 NZD1800 - 3000 NZD
San Marino2900 - 4000 NZD1800 - 2500 NZD
Saudi Arabia2700 - 9000 NZD1500 - 4000 NZD
Seychelles4500 - 6500 NZD2000 - 3500 NZD
Singapore1600 - 3500 NZD700 - 2000 NZD
Slovakia3500 - 6000 NZD1900 - 4200 NZD
Slovenia3500 - 6000 NZD1500 - 3500 NZD
Spain3000 - 6000 NZD1000 - 3500 NZD
Sweden3000 - 5000 NZD1500 - 3000 NZD
Switzerland3000 - 7000 NZD2000 - 3500 NZD
Taiwan2000 - 4000 NZD1000 - 2000 NZD
United Arab Emirates2000 - 7000 NZD1000 - 4000 NZD
United Kingdom2000 - 6000 NZD1800 - 4000 NZD
United States of America2000 - 5000 NZD1000 - 3000 NZD
Uruguay4500 - 6600 NZD3400 - 5000 NZD
Vatican City2800 - 4000 NZD1500 - 3600 NZD

Pro Tip: The months from July to November are the least expensive times to visit New Zealand by air. The most expensive time to fly to New Zealand is during the summer, and especially around the holidays. 

Remember that getting to New Zealand by air may take a long time, depending on where you’re flying from. 

If you’re looking to save money on airfare, try booking your flight for an “inconvenient” time of day, such as late at night or early in the morning, or during the week instead of the weekend. 

If you can be flexible with your itinerary, you can pick the flights that cost the least. We also recommend booking your trip with layover flights instead of one straight one. 

We recommend this because you can stretch your legs and take a break from sitting so long on the plane. Plus, layover flights tend to be cheaper than direct ones. 

How much does accommodation cost in New Zealand?

How much does accommodation cost in New Zealand

On average, accommodation for two people in New Zealand can cost anywhere from 40 NZD to 2000+ NZD per night, depending on which type of accommodation you choose. 

We’ll go over the accommodation costs in more detail below.

Hotels, Hostels, & Dormitories 

Hotels, Hostels, & Dormitories

To find accommodation in New Zealand, we recommend using or Agoda, which list various the best hotels, hostels, and homes catering to all budget levels. 

Generally, you can expect comfortable hotels to fall within the price range of 160-240+ NZD. For example, this price may get you a private room at a three- or four-star hotel or a one-bedroom apartment. 

However, accommodations like hostels and dormitories have lower rates. Usually, you can still enjoy a private room in hostels, but you have to share a bathroom. 

Most hostels in New Zealand cost roughly 80 NZD a night per pax. On the other hand, a bed in a shared dorm room will still cost you around 40 NZD per night per person. 



Travelling by campervan is a popular option for those who plan to explore much of New Zealand on a budget. 

New Zealand has a wide price range for campervan rent, from 400 NZD for a basic van to 1,500 NZD for a high-end motorhome for a week. 

We recommend budgeting anything from 30 NZD to 50 NZD per night for a campsite in a holiday park, with prices varying by location, amenities, and whether or not the campsite is electric. 

For example, camping at a Department of Conservation site costs between 15 and 20 NZD per person per night. However, there are campgrounds available across the country that do not charge a fee. 

How much should I expect to spend on food and beverages in New Zealand? 

How much should I expect to spend on food and beverages in New Zealand

You can expect to spend about 100 or more a week for two people exploring New Zealand. Keep in mind that this estimate assumes you cook most of your food and have just a few drinks out here and there. 

What you eat and where will change the overall cost. Be aware that the price of a dinner in a major city like Auckland will be significantly more than that in a smaller town. 

For example, indulging in a single luxurious meal with alcoholic drinks will cost you at least 100 NZD. Or a two-person pub dinner is roughly 60 NZD, with individual meals typically costing less at lunch.

On the other hand, if you plan on cooking more than eating out, here are some current market prices in New Zealand for everyday items:

  • Water (1.5-litre bottle) – 1.88 NZD
  • Fresh Bread – 2.96 NZD
  • Fresh Milk (1 gallon) – 9.51 NZD – 11.62 NZD
  • 12 Eggs – 5.90 NZD – 7.20 NZD
  • Local Cheese (1lb) – 5.56 NZD – 6.80 NZD
  • Chicken Fillets – 5.51 NZD – 6.74 NZD
  • Rice – 1.23 NZD – 1.51 NZD
  • Apples – 1.69 NZD – 2.06 NZD
  • Tomatoes –2.02 NZD – 2.45 NZD
  • Domestic Beer (0.5-litre bottle) – 4.11 NZD – 5.02 NZD
  • Wine — 20 NZD  

What should I plan to spend on transportation in New Zealand? 

What should I plan to spend on transportation in New Zealand

You should plan on spending roughly at least 300 NZD for two people each week on transportation in New Zealand. 

You have the option of renting a car or using the country’s public transportation system, of course. Let’s take a look at how much those options cost.

Car Rental 

Car Rental

Renting a car is the most convenient means of transportation for exploring New Zealand. Prices range from 20 to 150 NZD a day. 

Some popular car rental companies in New Zealand are the following: 

Public Transportation 

Public Transportation

You can also take public transportation to get around New Zealand. However, using public transportation requires additional preparation and planning to maximise your budget. 

While New Zealand’s trains are beautiful, buses are the most cost-effective and time-efficient mode of transportation. Bus tickets can be acquired for a few dollars if you book in advance, but can cost as much as 50 NZD if you wait. 

The cost of your trip will go up if you plan to take advantage of sightseeing excursions or “hop-on, hop-off” buses. You may also take backpacker buses, like Kiwi Experience, but remember that they are significantly more expensive than travelling independently. 

InterCity Flexi Pass

InterCity Flexi Pass

The InterCity Flexi pass is an alternative to the bus system in New Zealand. 

You can purchase a pass good for bus routes, the ferry between the North and South Islands, and day trips, with the duration of your stay in the country determined by the number of hours you plan to spend travelling. 

It’s valid for a whole year, so there’s no need to rush to use it. While you’ll still need to do some planning, it won’t be nearly as far in advance as it would need to be to get the best deals on regular bus tickets. 

How much money should I set aside for entertainment and sightseeing in New Zealand?

How much money should I set aside for entertainment and sightseeing in New Zealand

You should set aside at least 500 NZD per person for sightseeing and entertainment when on a trip in New Zealand. 

However, this section of your budget will be heavily influenced by your interests and, depending on what you want to do, may even consume the majority of your funds. 

Although many of the best activities cost nothing in New Zealand, there are paid attractions such as museums and art galleries that typically cost 20 to 60 NZD per person.

Additionally, day tours and small tour groups are great ways to experience sightseeing throughout the country. Yet, they can cost up to 150 NZD per person. 

Popular sightseeing activities and trips in New Zealand include the following, whose prices we’ve also listed: 

  • A tour of the Hobbit film set:  89 NZD
  • Kaikoura whale viewing tours: 150 NZD
  • A boat ride around the Waitomo Caves: 55 NZD
  • A trip to Milford Sound: 89 NZD
  • Lake Wakatipu lunch cruise from Queenstown: 99 NZD
  • Nevis Bungee Jump: 180 NZD

How much should I set aside for miscellaneous costs? 

How much should I set aside for miscellaneous costs

For miscellaneous costs, we recommend setting aside at least 200 NZD. 

We recommend having a little extra cash. Keeping a small miscellaneous fund on hand is always a good idea when travelling. 

It may be for something extra, like a night out or a memento, or it could be for something more mundane, like a bus fare.