How much do dermatologists charge in New Zealand

How much do dermatologists charge in New Zealand?

Dermatologists can offer a ton of unique services to help patients with skin diseases, acne breakouts, and general cosmetic concerns.  Because of these services and the skills required to execute them, dermatologists often charge a wide range of fees.

So, to help you budget for your next visit to the dermatologist, we’ve prepared a cost guide to their most common services.  In addition, we’ve also gathered various resources pertaining to hair removal, waxing, facials, and other cosmetic services.

Breaking Down the Cost of Dermatologist Services

Breaking Down the Cost of Dermatologist Services

Skin Consultations

Before a dermatologist can treat a skin-related medical issue, they must first consult with a patient to determine what the specific problem is.  Much like how a GP or dentist conducts check-ups, dermatologists use skin consultations to form a medical basis for treatment.

Depending on a patient’s specific concern, a dermatologist can conduct either a physical examination or obtain skin samples for lab testing.  This is often done in the case of unknown skin bacteria, mysterious growths, or even undiagnosed lumps beneath the skin.

Since consultations can involve many different processes the cost of an initial meeting often fluctuates considerably.  But, from what we were able to gather, most consultations will usually fall between $150 to $300 with follow consultations costing slightly less at $90 to $120.

Acne Treatments

If your dermatologist has determined that your skin is affected by a certain type of acne, they’ll often suggest a corresponding form of treatment to alleviate inflammation and reduce the overall presence of pimples and facial bacteria.

In certain cases, this can include applying facial products, administering acne-reducing injections, or even exfoliating the facial area using chemical scrubs or peels.  Based on our research the average cost of in-house acne treatment is usually between $100 to $200.

Skin treatments

For skin conditions and issues not related to acne, dermatologists often employ treatments such as micro-needling, microdermabrasion, and light therapy.  The vast majority of these treatments have been developed to increase blood flow to affected areas.

In turn, this promotes healing and encourages the growth and production of newer, healthier skin.  Depending on the specific form of skin treatment, a client can end up paying anywhere between $60 to $200.

Mole Removal 

Moles can sometimes form as a result of melanoma which is a severe type of cancer that specifically affects the skin.  For these cases, dermatologists must quickly act in order to remove the melanoma without leaving any traces.

Depending on the size of the specific mole and the complexity associated with safely removing it, the cost of mole removal surgery can rise significantly.  We’ve found that most surgeries typically fall in the range of $400 to $1250.

Dermatologist Prescriptions

For both post-op recovery and consistent home treatments, your dermatologist may find it necessary to prescribe a topical medication.  This is most often the case when it comes to treating persistent forms of acne.

Overall, a patient will likely end up paying between $20 and $200 for a full home acne treatment.  

Now that you’re armed with these cost estimates and a plentiful selection of cosmetic resources.  We hope you’ll have an easier time seeking out, and budgeting for cosmetic services.