How much do arborists charge in New Zealand

How much do arborists charge in New Zealand?

An arborist can be extremely helpful if you need to deal with a problem relating to a tree in your yard or on your property.  Now while it may be easy to call up an arborist near you, it can be significantly harder to prepare the right budget for their services.

With this guide, we’ll provide you with various estimates and price ranges for common arborist services.  In addition, we’ll also provide some useful resources pertaining to tree trimming, lawn care, landscaping, and home improvement.

Explaining the Cost of Common Arborist Services

Explaining the Cost of Common Arborist Services

Tree Consultations

Arborists have an innate knowledge of the anatomy and functions of most types of trees.  This knowledge allows them to offer useful advice when it comes to issues and concerns related to trees.  

These concerns can include damaged tree limbs, stunted growth, pest infestations, and even decaying limbs.  The overall cost of an arborist consultation can vary largely based on your specific arborist’s hourly rates.

From what we could gather, the average hourly rate most arborists charge is usually between $75 to $100. 

Disease Treatment

If your specific concern has anything to do with identifying, diagnosing, and treating a tree disease, your arborist is likely to recommend some form of chemical treatment.  For pests and wood-eating bugs, treatment can usually come in the form of an eco-friendly pesticide.

In the case of fungus and leaf-eating ailments, your arborist is likely to recommend treatments using fungicides and other similar chemicals.  Depending on your budget and capabilities you can purchase this fungicide individually or have your arborist perform the treatment themselves.

Most clients who opt for treatment usually end up paying $150 to $200 per hour.  This cost is due to the fact that many arborists will work in teams of two to carry out services quicker.


For aesthetic and functional reasons, arborists must sometimes carry out trimming or pruning which is the practice of cutting limbs from trees.  This service can also be used to remove diseased tree limbs to prevent the further spread of diseases.

Since trimming and pruning are not particularly labor-intensive, arborists will usually charge between $75 and $250 for each session.  For trimming in particular, some folks may simply seek out the services of a tree trimmer 

Tree Removal

In particularly troublesome cases, pruning or trimming a tree may not be enough to deal with a specific issue.  Because of this, some arborists will be called upon to cut down a tree without damaging other vegetation and structures nearby.

Because of the equipment that is often required to safely remove a fully-grown tree, arborists often charge between $500 and $1,000.  Naturally, this cost can change depending on the amount of effort required to carry out this procedure.

With basic arborist fees covered, we hope you’ll have an easier time preparing a budget for your tree-related concerns.  To make sure you’ll always have a decent set of resources, we’d recommend bookmarking this article for reference.