A Guide to Eating Healthy in New Zealand

A Guide to Eating Healthy in New Zealand

While working out is essential to staying healthy, eating the right food can also play a huge role in maintaining good health.  Of course, eating healthy is often easier said than done and meal planning isn’t always doable when you’re on a tight schedule or a shoestring budget.

To make things easier, we’ll go over some basic practices and things to remember as you dial in your nutrition.  Additionally, we’ll also provide you with some helpful resources for healthy foods, nutrition experts, and other related products/services.

Steps to Nail Your Nutrition 

Steps to Nail Your Nutrition

If you can’t hire a nutritionist or any health specialist for that matter, eating healthy is definitely still possible. Now although you won’t need to cut brunches, buffets, and sweets out of your life, you will need to make a few tweaks and practice some moderation with your diet.

Eat fewer unhealthy fats

Generally, fats can be separated into healthy and unhealthy fats with the former raising good cholesterol and the latter raising bad cholesterol. Unhealthy fats can often be found in foods like cheese ice cream and whole milk.

So, to raise healthy fat consumption, it is recommended that one cut down on dairy products and eat more fish and lean meat.  In addition to this, experts also recommend reducing the amount of butter, lard, and hydrogenated oils in one’s diet.

This can be accomplished by opting for baked, or air-fried dishes instead of using the traditional pan-frying method.

Reduce salt and sugar intake

Cutting down on sodium and sugar can reduce your blood pressure, protect your kidneys, and help keep your heart healthy.  This step can be as simple as having a smaller slice of pavlova or skimping on the second plate of barbecue and crayfish at your next cookout.

For fitness fanatics and regular gym-goers, one easy way to reduce sugar from workout supplements is to opt for sugar-free protein bars and shakes. It may also help to invest in a water filter to save on drinking water and increase water intake.

Eat less, snack more, indulge from time to time

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of food when you’re hungry.  Instead, experts recommend picking up some healthy snacks such as kiwis, berries, oranges, and other delicious fruits.

While it’s important to maintain a healthy diet, staying consistent can be difficult if there’s nothing to look forward to.  As a reward for sticking to your diet, you can choose one day out of the week to indulge in a particular dish of your choice be it lamb chops, hokey pokey, or the like.

If you intend to be healthy and also get fit, it’s important to remember that a nutritious diet is only one half of the equation.  The other half involves hitting the gym, getting active, or working with a personal trainer to ensure that you are getting the right amount of daily exercise.

That wraps up our quick guide to eating healthy in New Zealand.  We certainly hope this article will be of use to you as you work towards building a healthier diet.