Guide to Mini Golf Rotorua

What You Need to Know about Mini Golf Rotorua

When I first went to Mini Golf Rotorua, let’s just say, my putting prowess went the way of the geysers—spectacularly erupting but ultimately inconsequential. My first swing connected with about as much grace as a toddler wielding a pool cue. 

The ball defied the laws of physics and opted instead for a detour through a nearby garden bed, narrowly missing a startled (and rather grumpy-looking) resident bunny. By the end of the course, my scorecard looked like a random number generator had gone haywire. 

Since then, I’ve gone back to Mini Golf Rotorua, both with my family and team, and have learned all the ins and outs of this place. So if you’re heading to Mini Golf Rotorua, here’s everything you need to know to have a fun time!

Things to Know about Mini Golf Rotorua

Location: 152 Fairy Springs Road, Fairy Springs, Rotorua 3015, New Zealand

Contact: +6473439349

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9AM to 10PM 


  • Adult – 20 NZD
  • Child – 15 NZD 
  • Student – 15 NZD
  • Senior – 15 NZD
  • Family (2A2C) – 55 NZD
  • Under 5 – 4 NZD

Best Time to Go to Mini Golf Rotorua

Aim for tee time twilight! Rotorua Mini Golf can get busy, especially during peak season and on weekends. 

Going in the later afternoon, say around 4ish, means fewer people waiting around for their turn and more time for you and your fluffy friends. But if you really want to have fun, go at night. The course lights up at night thanks to all the cool twinkly lights.

What to Do at Mini Golf Rotorua

Play a game of mini golf

Obviously play a round or two of mini golf when you go here! Their 18-hole mini golf course is fun for all ages and skill levels, with plenty of twists, turns, and obstacles to challenge you.

And at night the course is lit up with fairy lights, and they occasionally have bubbles and fog machines going here, which little ones will love.

Spend time with the bunnies 

Spending time with the cute rabbits that hop around the course is one of the best things to do when you’re not taking your turn in mini-golf. 

These adorable bunnies hop freely around the course, adding to the fun and whimsical atmosphere. Keep in mind that while they are friendly, they’re still wild animals – so avoid petting them.

Hang out with Cactus, the rainbow lorikeet

This ain’t your average feathery friend. Cactus is a riot of colour.

Every time you walk by his inclosure, he’ll greet you with a squawk and a flash of those vibrant wings. He’s got the charisma of a rock star and the vocabulary of, well, a parrot.

You might catch him yelling “fore!” after a particularly impressive putt, or maybe he’ll shower you with compliments on your excellent mini golf attire (because, let’s be real, everyone looks their best on the green).

And he’s got a mean game of fetch going with the course staff (using colourful rings, of course). He’s even been known to snag a rogue French fry or two from unsuspecting golfers (hey, a lorikeet gotta eat!).

Get snapshots of their novelty golf balls

Forget your plain old white ball—here you get to putt with some seriously funky companions. From glow-in-the-dark balls lighting up the course to fluffy balls that look suspiciously like a giant pom-pom, these golf balls are definitely worth a Tiktok reel of their own.

Extra Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting Mini Golf Rotorua

  • Take some food for the rabbits. If you want to interact with the rabbits, it would be better to bring a few chopped carrots or lettuce. However, kindly check with the staff first to determine if it is acceptable for you to feed them. 
  • Watch for pigeons. The pigeons at Mini Golf Rotorua are quite daring, and they might try to grab at your food or land on your putter.  
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Since walking around is mandatory, you might as well be comfy. 
  • If going during the day, put on sunscreen and wear a hat. There is little shade on the course, so make sure you have sun protection to guard yourself from the sun.