What services do plumbers offer

What services do plumbers offer?

Everyone knows that plumbers are the perfect professionals to call when it comes to clogged toilets and backed-up sinks.  But contrary to popular belief, the skills of most plumbers extend far beyond just the kitchen or bathroom.

So, to help enlighten you on the capabilities of plumbers, we’ll be outlining their many services and skills in this guide.  Throughout this article, we’ll also provide some useful resources pertaining to plumbing services in general

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

Fixture Repair/Installation

Starting from the most common form of plumbing service, fixture repair and installation pertains to toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and the like.  Plumbers receive a serious amount of formal training in order to install these things safely and properly.

This training is extremely important as an incorrectly installed fixture could leak and introduce water into your home structure.  Such leaks can cause rust, mold, rot, and a host of other problems, the least of which could result in a hefty cleaning or repair fee.

Pipe Inspections & Leak Repairs

Since they are present in almost any modern standing structure, it’s important to keep pipes well-maintained and in proper working condition.  Big or small, the job of maintaining these pipes and repairing them often goes to plumbers.

Beyond knowing how to properly work with pipes, it is also important to have the proper tools in order to conduct repairs without causing damage.  Because of this, plumbers also carry a diverse arsenal of tools and equipment ranging from wrenches to high-tech pipe cameras.

Water Heater Repair/Installation

Many folks will be surprised to know that plumbers are also capable of conducting repairs and installations for water-heating appliances.  The reason they are able to do this is once again thanks to their extensive training and specialized tools.

Having a plumber inspect your hot water cylinder can also keep it from breaking down too soon.  Such maintenance work can include changing seals, inspecting safety valves, and double-checking pressurized components.

Drain Cleaning

If all the sinks in your home happen to be draining much slower, then you may be in need of a thorough drain cleaning.  Depending on your plumber’s initial inspection, they may choose to unclog the drain by either mechanical or chemical means.

Done right, both of these methods can unclog your drain and reduce the amount of water backing up your sink or tub.  In particularly serious cases, however, your plumber may end up having to unclog your home’s main drain line.

This line is responsible for directing all of the water and waste coming from your home into a sewage system or septic tank.  Depending on how your plumbing system is built, this can require light excavation with the help of a contractor in order to reach the actual clog in your drain line.

While there are many other services that plumbers can offer, the services mentioned above are usually the most sought-after.  Now that you’re familiar with what plumbers do, we hope this article and the resources in it can help you find the right plumber for your concerns.