How do I stop snoring

How do I stop snoring?

If you’ve lived your whole life snoring, it can seem like a pointless endeavor to try and find an effective solution.  Thankfully, however, with countless advancements in technology and mountains of research, modern medicine has revealed various solutions.

To help you get a better grasp of your options, we’ve prepared a guide to common snoring solutions.  In addition, we’ve also included useful references for doctors, mattresses, pillows, sleeping aids, and other related topics.

Snoring Solutions

Snoring Solutions

Snore Strips

Snore strips are essentially pre-cut pieces of adhesive that are attached to the nose in order to pull the nostrils into a wider position.  These strips can be recommended by a doctor or purchased over-the-counter at your local pharmacy.

The idea behind pulling the nostrils into a wider position is that airflow will dramatically increase thereby reducing snoring.  While these products certainly have their merits they don’t always work for people with airflow problems originating in the throat.

With that said, snore strips have indeed been shown to offer some relief from snoring.  But remember, because they are single-use only, these products can be a costly solution for chronic cases.

Sleeping Positions

For some folks, fixing snoring is as simple as altering their sleeping habits and changing their position during sleep.  It’s generally accepted that the supine position is by far the worst position for heavy snoring as it restricts the airways considerably.

Instead, many experts recommend sleeping in the fetal position as this creates better airflow while you sleep.  Of course, the position that works best can always change depending on the sleeper, so it may be best to check out this guide and experiment to see what works for you.


Medical studies have determined that obesity can directly affect whether or not one snores heavily in their sleep.  This is due to the fact that heavier sleepers will often have a considerable amount of fatty tissue in the neck area.

This neck fat essentially squeezes the throat thereby reducing airflow and causing serious bouts of snoring.  To counter this, physicians recommend adopting a nutritious diet and exercising at home or with the help of a personal trainer.

Avoiding Alcohol

There’s nothing wrong with responsibly enjoying your favorite beer or a glass of good wine after a hard day’s work.  But, taking things too far can actually cause you to snore significantly even if you don’t typically do so. 

This is because having too much alcohol can cause your throat muscles to relax thereby restricting your airway and limiting airflow.  As we’re sure you know by now, this will cause you to snore and gasp for air on occasion.

So, if a wicked hangover isn’t enough to discourage you from drinking too much, remember, you may also end up snoring all night long.

With the basic snoring solutions covered, we hope you’ll find it easier to manage your symptoms and sleep better.  In case you need to seek additional treatments, we’d recommend keeping this article in your back pocket for future reference.