4 Common Household Electrical Problems

4 Common Household Electrical Problems

Despite strict inspections and rigorous safety standards, electrical mishaps still happen from time to time.  When you’re faced with an electrical issue in your home, it can be a worrisome experience if you’re unaware of the cause.

So, to help you recognize and handle some typical electrical problems, we’ve prepared this neat guide.  For good measure, we’ve also included some handy resources relating to electricians, home repairs, and the like.

Dealing with Household Electrical Problems

Dealing with Household Electrical Problems

Faulty Light Switches

Broken light switches can be attributed to a broken path in the fixture’s inner circuitry or connectors.  Beyond this, it is also possible that the switch is disconnected from the main power supply due to improper installation.

Regardless of the reason, a broken light switch should be repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid arcs or electrical fires.  Until you can have an electrician examine the switch, it’s best to cover it with a piece of tape and avoid touching it altogether.

Unstable Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker on the fritz can often lead to repeated power interruptions as a result of the circuit tripping.  In turn, this could burn fuses, heat up your electrical wires, and even destroy your appliances.

In many cases, circuits can overload and trip if you run too many high-voltage appliances like vacuums, coffee makers, and cooling fans.  If your breaker often trips you should consider having an electrician perform an inspection of your home.

Electrical shocks

Nothing gives you a fright quite like plugging in an appliance and being met with a strong jolt of electricity.  If you happen to experience this, there’s a chance your outlet may have a faulty wire causing a malfunction. 

Among all the problems faced by homeowners, this issue is by far the most dangerous as a strong abrupt shock can end up disturbing your heart’s natural rhythm.  If you are unfortunate enough to experience this, we’d recommend phoning your local electrician right away.

High Electrical Bills

An expensive electrical bill can be caused by multiple factors including poor energy efficiency and high-voltage appliances.  But, if your bill suddenly rises by a large margin, the cause may be related to the wiring or outlets in your home.

Faulty wiring and outlets can sometimes cause your appliances to continuously consume electricity which in turn results in higher bills.  To mend this problem, we’d recommend seeking out an electrician to rewire specific outlets or faulty systems in your home.

Unless you have received formal electrical courses and training, we’d strongly recommend against trying to fix these issues on your own.  An electrical repair job gone wrong can lead to shocks, burns, or even death.  

To safely take care of electrical concerns and issues, your best bet is always to consult a licensed electrician.  Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, we hope you’ll be better able to identify and report electrical problems in your home.