How to Apply for a Certificate of Good Standing for a Business in New Zealand

How to Apply for a Certificate of Good Standing for a Business in New Zealand

In New Zealand business, there’s a key tool that speaks volumes about a company’s trustworthiness – the Certificate of Good Standing. This document reflects a business’s adherence to rules and regulations and overall strong status.

Curious to know how to get your hands on this important document? We’ve got you covered. Our guide walks you through the entire process, making it a breeze to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for your business.

How to apply for a Certificate of Good Standing for a business in New Zealand?

How to apply for a Certificate of Good Standing for a business in New Zealand

The Companies Office in New Zealand no longer issues Certificates of Good Standing. Instead, you can request a Company Extract, which will confirm the company’s current status and whether it is up to date with its statutory filing requirements.

To obtain a business’s Company Extract, you’ll need to access and download it from the New Zealand Companies Office through their official website.

Follow the step-by-step process below to download a Company Extract and ensure a smooth experience.

DifficultyEasy ●○○○○
Number of steps6
Time to perform stepsA few minutes to an hour
Things you need• Access to a computer

• Company details such as name, registration number, or New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) for searching

STEP 1: Access the New Zealand Companies Register webpage.

Access the New Zealand Companies Register webpage

First things first, access the official New Zealand Companies Register webpage. This is where you can find accurate and reliable information about businesses in New Zealand.

This is just a simple step. But to ensure you’re accessing the right website, follow the guide below:

  • Open Your Browser: Launch your web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Search: In the search bar, type “New Zealand Companies Office” and hit Enter.
  • Find Official Link: Look for the link with “” or “”—that’s the official one. Click on it.
  • Wait: Give it a moment to load. You’re now on the right site for business information in New Zealand.
  • Navigate to the Companies Register: Once you’re on the New Zealand Companies Office website, finding the Companies Register tab is a breeze. Look for it easily in the upper menu options.
  • Click on Companies Register: After locating the tab, simply click on it to proceed. This will lead you to a wealth of information related to businesses in New Zealand.

You’re all set to explore further and move smoothly to the next step.

STEP 2: Search for the company on the Companies Register homepage.

Search for the company on the Companies Register homepage

In this step, we’ll walk you through the process of searching for the company on the Companies Register homepage. This step is crucial as it allows you to locate the exact company for which you want to obtain the Company Extract.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Access the Companies Register Homepage: If you’ve successfully followed Step 1 and are on the Companies Register homepage, you’re on the right track. Now, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the homepage.
  1. Locate the Search Field: On the Companies Register homepage, your attention will be drawn to a prominent search field. This field is your gateway to finding the specific company you’re interested in. It’s usually placed prominently on the page, making it easy to spot.
  1. Enter Company Details: Depending on the information you have, you can search for:
  • The company using its name
  • The company number
  • The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) 

If you have any of these details, type them carefully into the search field.

  1. Choosing the Right Search Criteria:
  • Company Name: If you’re using the company’s name for your search, make sure to enter it accurately. Double-check spellings, spacing, and any special characters.
  • Company Number: If you have the company’s unique identification number, enter it precisely to ensure accurate results.
  • NZBN: Similarly, if you’re using the New Zealand Business Number, input it correctly.
  1. Hit “Search”: Once you’ve entered the relevant information, it’s time to click on the “Search” button. This action will initiate the search process and retrieve results based on your input.

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that the search functionality on the Companies Register homepage is designed specifically for registered companies. If the company you’re searching for does not appear in the search results, it’s highly likely that the company is not registered with the New Zealand Companies Office. 

STEP 3: Choose the company from the search results.

Choose the company from the search results

Step 3 is all about the process of selecting the correct company entry from the search results to ensure that you’re getting a Company Extract for the right business entity. To do so, follow our curated guide below:

  • Review the Search Results: Once you’ve initiated the search, the Companies Register will present you with a list of potential matches based on the details you provided. This list acts as your guide to identifying the company you wish to obtain the Company Extract for.
  • Examine Company Details: Delve into the details displayed for each entry in the search results. You’ll find essential information such as the company’s name, registration number, and potentially its New Zealand Business Number (NZBN). Take your time to analyze these details closely.
  • Identify Your Target: Search for the entry that aligns precisely with the company you have in mind. Confirm that the information presented matches your understanding of the company’s identity.
  • Make Your Selection: Once you’re confident that you’ve found the correct company entry, take the next step by clicking on the company’s name. This action will redirect you to a dedicated page containing more in-depth information about the company’s present status and filing history.

STEP 4: Initiate access to the Company Extract.

Initiate access to the Company Extract

Having selected the specific company from the search results, you’ll find yourself automatically directed to a dedicated details page. On this page, your attention should be focused on locating the “Company Extract” option.

Search for the “Company Extract” option within the details page, usually positioned prominently for easy identification. Once you spot it, click on this option to initiate the process of accessing the Company Extract.

STEP 5: Choose how to obtain the Company Extract.

Choose how to obtain the Company Extract

After clicking on “Company Extract,” a document preview screen will open, offering you a decision to make based on your preferred way of receiving the extract. 

You’ll have two distinct and convenient options for obtaining the Company Extract:

Option 1: View Document

  • If you desire a tangible copy of the Company Extract, select “View Document.” By making this choice, you’ll access the document in PDF format, allowing you to explore its contents. 

Once the PDF is displayed on your screen, take advantage of your browser’s print function. Clicking this option will initiate the process of creating a physical copy, which you can then retain for your records. 

Alternatively, you can opt for the modern approach by saving the PDF directly to your computer, ensuring easy accessibility whenever the need arises.

Option 2: Email the Company Extract

  • If you lean towards the convenience of digital records, the “Email the company extract” option awaits. Engage this option by checking the designated checkbox, signaling your desire to receive the Company Extract electronically. 

As you proceed, be prepared to share your email address in the provided field. This address will serve as the destination for your electronic delivery. 

To ensure accuracy, confirm your email address by entering it again. This step is crucial, as a verified email ensures seamless and successful delivery. Take a moment to ensure that your email address is both accurate and correctly confirmed before proceeding.

STEP 6: Receive the Company Extract.

Receive the Company Extract

Depending on the option you selected, you will either receive an electronic copy of the company extract via email or a PDF file that you can open, print, or save.

Congratulations! You have successfully obtained a Company Extract of a business from the New Zealand Companies Register. Make sure to check your email or your saved files for the extract, depending on the option you chose.

Note: Obtaining a Company Extract for a business in New Zealand doesn’t necessitate a RealMe® login or a Companies Register account, which is typically required for various transactions. This process is accessible to all, irrespective of whether you possess these particular credentials.

What comes after receiving the Company Extract?

This section will provide you with insights into potential next steps and considerations once you’ve successfully received the Company Extract for your chosen business from the New Zealand Companies Register. 

While the main process is complete, there are important aspects to keep in mind for a comprehensive and well-informed approach. Let’s dive in!

Review and Verify: Take a moment to review the Company Extract you received. Ensure that all the information presented aligns with your expectations and matches the details of the business you were inquiring about.

Documentation: If you need the Company Extract for a specific purpose, such as legal or financial matters, make sure to store it safely alongside your other important documents.

Follow-Up Actions: Depending on why you obtained the Company Extract, there could be follow-up actions you need to take. For instance, if you were acquiring the extract for legal compliance or due diligence, you might need to submit it to relevant authorities or parties.

Record Keeping: If you’re a business owner or involved in the operations of the company, maintaining a record of the Company Extract is essential for future reference and transparency.

FAQs about obtaining a Company Extract for a business in New Zealand