How to Apply for a Dangerous Goods (D) Endorsement in New Zealand

How to Apply for a Dangerous Goods (D) Endorsement in New Zealand

Thinking about transporting hazardous goods in the country? You’re in the right place. Our guide is here to make applying for a Dangerous Goods (D) endorsement in New Zealand a breeze, so buckle up as we walk you through the steps you need to hit the road safely and responsibly.

How to apply for a dangerous goods (D) endorsement in New Zealand?

How to apply for a dangerous goods (D) endorsement in New Zealand

To apply for a D endorsement in New Zealand, you must complete an approved course on the transport of dangerous goods and then submit your application at any driver licensing agent.

DifficultyModerate ●●●○○
Number of steps5
Time to perform steps1 to 2 weeks
Things you need• Device to access the NZ Transport Agency website

• Personal information

• Access to a Driver Licensing Agent

• EFTPOS, a credit card, or cash available to cover the application fee

STEP 1: Complete an approved course on dangerous goods transport.

Complete an approved course on dangerous goods transport

To get things rolling, you’ll need to find an approved course. No need to go hunting, though – just click in here to locate approved course providers in your vicinity.

Taking an approved course ensures you have the necessary knowledge and skills for transporting dangerous goods. Once you’ve successfully conquered the course, you’ll earn yourself a certificate of completion. 

STEP 2: Access the application form.

Access the application form

Alright, let’s break down the second step to getting your Dangerous Goods (D) endorsement in New Zealand. This one’s all about grabbing that application form so you can start the process.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit the NZ Transport Agency website: Start by opening your web browser and heading to the official NZ Transport Agency website. 
  1. Find the ‘Driver licenses’ section: Once you’re on the website, locate and click on the ‘Driver licenses’ tab. This is your gateway to all things driver-related.
  1. Navigate to ‘Getting an endorsement’: Scroll down the page until you find the ‘Getting an endorsement’ section. Click on the link labeled ‘Getting an endorsement – DFRTW’. This is the lane you want to be in.
  1. Select the Dangerous Goods (D) Endorsement: On the DFRTW endorsement page, scroll further until you see the ‘Applying for a dangerous goods (D) endorsement’ section. Click on this section to proceed.
  1. Download the application form: You’re now on the dedicated page for the dangerous goods endorsement. Scroll down until you find the details about how to apply. 

Look for the link that says ‘Application for endorsement D, F, R, T, W (DL19) [PDF, 166 KB]’. Clicking on this link will initiate the download of the application form.

STEP 3: Fill out the application form.

Fill out the application form

Now that you’ve got the application form in your hands, let’s walk you through what information you need to provide to take the next step towards earning your coveted D endorsement on your driver’s license. 

Follow these guidelines to navigate the form with ease:

  1. Application Type: Indicate the type of application you’re submitting. Are you applying for the endorsement for the first time, renewing it, or reapplying due to the endorsement being expired for more than five years? Choose the option that matches your situation.
  1. NZ Driver’s License: Enter your current New Zealand driver’s license number. This is your unique identifier as a driver.
  1. Personal Information: Fill in your personal details accurately. This includes your full name, gender, date of birth, and contact information.
  1. Address Details: Provide your residential address where you currently reside. If your mailing address is different from your residential address, ensure you include it as well.
  1. Endorsement Type: Locate the section for endorsement type and select “Dangerous goods endorsement.” This is the key focus of your application.
  1. Medical Declaration/Certificate: Address the medical declaration section. If any medical conditions or factors apply to you, provide the necessary details as required. This ensures the authorities are aware of any relevant health considerations.
  1. Eyesight: Indicate whether you meet the eyesight requirements for driving. This is a simple “yes” or “no” response.
  1. Declaration: Carefully read and understand the declaration section. By signing this declaration, you’re confirming the accuracy of the information provided and your understanding of the responsibilities associated with the dangerous goods endorsement.

As you complete the form, make sure to double-check your entries for accuracy. Providing correct and up-to-date information is crucial for a smooth application process. 

STEP 4: Gather the required documents.

Gather the required documents

Before you set the wheels in motion to submit your application, let’s make sure you’ve got your documents in gear. Here’s what you need to gather:

  • Completed Application Form: Have your application form – filled out with all the details we covered in Step 3 – ready to roll.
  • Medical Certificate (if applicable): If there’s any medical angle to your application, make sure you’ve got a medical certificate completed by a registered health practitioner. Check out page 2 of your application form for more on this.
  • Eyewear: If you wear glasses or contact lenses while driving, don’t forget to bring them along.
  • Course Completion Certificate (From Step 1): Your proof of successfully completing the approved course. Confirm that the certificate is dated no more than 60 days prior.
  • Evidence of Identity (Originals, No Photocopies): This is a key piece. You’ll need to establish your identity with one of the following original documents:
  • Current New Zealand photo driver license (valid or expired within two years)
  • Current New Zealand passport
  • Current overseas driver license along with the current overseas passport
  • New Zealand birth certificate issued from January 1, 1998, onwards, along with one of these documents:
  1. Student ID card, Kiwi Access card, or 18+ card
  2. Utility bill or bank statement
  • IF APPLICABLE: Evidence of Name Change (Originals, No Photocopies): If there’s been a change in your name, ensure you have relevant documents to substantiate it. Options include the following:
  • Marriage or civil union certificates
  • Change of name certificates
  • Official documents issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Payment Method: Keep in mind that you’ll need to cover the applicable fee. Have EFTPOS, a credit card, or cash on hand. Visit or contact NZ Transport Agency at 0800 822 422 to determine the precise amount.

STEP 5: Submit your application.

Submit your application

You’re almost there – it’s time to officially submit your application for that coveted Dangerous Goods (D) endorsement.

It’s a hands-on process, so you’ll need to personally take your fully completed application form and all original documents to a driver licensing agent near your location.

Not sure where to find a driver licensing agent in your area? No worries. Just head to to locate an agent that’s convenient for you.

Once you’re at the driver licensing agent’s office, a customer services representative will guide you through the process. They will:

  • Review your application.
  • Double-check your identification documents.
  • Scan your driver license and send it to the NZ Transport Agency.

As part of the process, your eyesight will be assessed to ensure you meet the necessary visual requirements for driving. It’s all about safety on the road.

Remember, there’s a fee associated with the application process. You’ll need to pay this fee during the submission of your application.

And there you go! If you’ve completed this step, then you’ve successfully submitted your application for a Dangerous Goods (D) endorsement in New Zealand.

Note: Before you head to the agent’s office, take a moment to review all your documents. Ensure that everything is in order and that you have all the originals as required. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient submission.

What’s next after submitting my application for a dangerous goods (D) endorsement in New Zealand?

What's next after submitting my application for a dangerous goods (D) endorsement in New Zealand

Congratulations on submitting your application for a Dangerous Goods (D) endorsement in New Zealand! Now, let’s take a look at what comes next in your journey:

  • Application Processing: Once your application is in, the NZ Transport Agency will review and process it. They’ll ensure all the information is accurate and meets the required standards.
  • Verification and Assessment: The agency will meticulously verify the documents you submitted, including your completed application form, identification, and any additional required materials.
  • Medical and Eyesight Checks (if applicable): If your application involves medical considerations, the agency will review the medical certificate you provided. They’ll also assess your eyesight results to confirm that you meet the visual requirements for driving.
  • Review of Course Completion: Your certificate of completion from the approved dangerous goods course will be verified to ensure you’ve successfully met this essential prerequisite.
  • Payment Confirmation: The agency will confirm that the appropriate fee has been paid along with your application.
  • Endorsement Addition: If your application meets all the necessary criteria and requirements, the NZ Transport Agency will electronically add the D endorsement to your driver’s license.
  • Notification by Mail: Once your driver’s license has been updated with the D endorsement, you’ll receive an official notification by mail. This communication will confirm the successful addition of the endorsement and provide any relevant details.
  • Safe Transport with D Endorsement: With your D endorsement in place, you’ll be legally authorized to transport dangerous goods. Remember, safety and responsible handling of hazardous materials are paramount as you hit the road with this new endorsement.

FAQs About Applying for a Dangerous Goods (D) Endorsement in New Zealand