What can I do with an MBA degree

What can I do with an MBA degree?

The master of business administration degree or MBA as it is better known is one of the most common qualifications offered by business schools worldwide.  Although this degree’s title is relatively straightforward, it can often be applied to various occupations.

This guide will provide a brief outline of what one can professionally do once they have acquired an MBA.  Beyond this, we’ll also provide various resources pertaining to business schools, loan companies, expense guides, financial advisors, and other related info.

Jobs That Pair with an MBA

Jobs That Pair with an MBA

Accounting Manager

Put simply, accounting managers are responsible for supervising accountants and ensuring adherence to proper legal procedures during organizational activity.  Beyond this, accounting managers must also analyze and report financial information.

Since they are in a management level position, Accounting managers will be held accountable for monitoring regulatory requirements in order to avoid by-the-book violations.  Last but not least, accounting managers must actively recommend points to improve organizational flow.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts are similar to accountants in that they actively monitor income levels and expenses on behalf of their clients.  The main difference lies in the fact that budget analysts are specifically tasked with monitoring and approving corporate spending.

If a company needs to accomplish a specific task in a set amount of time, it is the job of the budget analyst to prepare appropriate cost estimates and projections.  The MBA degree plays into this job as it qualifies individuals to make tough decisions regarding company budgets.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers generally work with marketing teams to develop and deploy various marketing strategies.  More often than not, these marketing services are sought out by large companies and businesses looking for considerable exposure.

This means that marketing managers will work with organizations from various industries including hospitality, healthcare, finance, technology, retail, and even education.  Given this wide net, marketing managers should be both versatile and sensible in their decisions.

Operations Manager

Among the many jobs available to MBA holders, operations management is by far one of the most trying.  This is because operations managers are responsible for managing workflows, purchases, accounting, human resources, and even inventory.

The volume of work asked of most operations managers is enough to make most 9 to 5 workers pass out from exhaustion.  Beyond this, maintaining the mental fortitude required to oversee and manage so many different aspects of a company can also be quite draining.

Those who intend to work as operations managers should understand that acquiring an MBA is only one facet of qualification.  The rest lies in the worker’s ability to cope with heavy workloads, delegate tasks, and make difficult decisions.

Risk Manager

Risk managers must monitor and manage the risk faced by a company and all of its inherent assets. Beyond this, risk managers must also prepare contingencies in the event that a company takes on losses.

The most stressful aspect of this job is having to decide how to avoid, reduce, and or transfer risk appropriately.

While all of the occupations above come with considerable responsibilities, most MBA courses are designed specifically to prepare individuals for such challenges.  We sincerely hope this guide was able to provide you with a better sense of what you can do with an MBA degree.