How to Make the Most of a Buffet Meal

How to Make the Most of a Buffet Meal

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking to indulge a bit, buffets can be an excellent option.  But, given the variety of foods available to you, it can be rather tough to actually get your money’s worth from a buffet.

To help you get the most out of your dining experience, we’ve gathered a guide full of various tips and tricks.  In addition, we’ll also provide some helpful resources for health, nutrition, restaurants, and other similar topics.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Buffet Trip

Tips for Making the Most of Your Buffet Trip

Don’t starve yourself

While it can seem like a good idea to avoid eating until it’s time to visit the buffet, this can actually lead to some troublesome issues such as stomach cramps and aches.  This is because eating a large amount of food after extreme dieting can put a serious strain on your stomach.

Instead of fasting, experts recommend eating light meals throughout the day to keep you nourished but never full.  These light meals can include yogurt, cereals, and soups that mainly consist of broth.

Exercise beforehand

If you’ve ever lifted weights or hit a particularly serious cardio workout, you’ll probably be familiar with the hunger that follows immediately after you leave the gym.  This hunger is the direct result of your body burning tons of calories and emptying your glycogen stores.

We can use this common occurrence to our advantage by using workouts and physical activity to ramp up our appetite.  If you intend to do this, however, just be sure to rest and recover properly as failing to do so may have the opposite effect.

Pair your meal with carbonated drinks

Now, most people would think that water would be the best beverage to enjoy as they chow down on several plates of food.  Contrary to popular belief, however, carbonated drinks are actually a much better option.

This stems from various studies that support the idea that carbonated drinks help increase our appetite thereby allowing us to eat more.  You can choose to go with your favorite soft drink, a glass of sparkling water, or even a pint of your go-to beer.

Wear something comfortable

Depending on the occasion, you may need to adhere to a specific dress code during your all-you-can-eat food trip.  Be it formal or smart-casual, it’s important to pick out clothes that allow you to remain comfortable all throughout your meal.

Ideally, we’d recommend wearing your most comfortable track pants and a loose-fitting hoodie to keep you warm.  But, if this isn’t possible go with the next best thing, wear some comfy dress pants and pair them with a belt that you can loosen when your stomach inevitably grows.

While you may not break any competitive eating records, we’re certain that these tips will help you get your money’s worth from any buffet.  In case you get tired of all-you-can-eat feasts, we’d recommend mixing things up with Japanese, Indian, or local cuisine.