The Best Places for Tattoos on Men and Women

The Best Places for Tattoos on Men and Women 

Tattoos have become a huge part of modern pop culture due to their distinctive qualities and unique designs.  But just like designing a tattoo, figuring out where to put it also requires some extra thought.

Placing a tattoo in the right spot will produce the most visually pleasing effect and it will provide your artist with enough space to work.  So, to help you plan things out, we’ll be going over some choice spots for your next piece of ink.

Men’s Ink

Men’s Ink


Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or an average joe, the chest offers ample room to work on various pieces.  From traditional Kirituhi designs to modern skin tear tattoos, the chest can be considered prime real estate for tattoos.

Now, we should mention that for most people chest tattoos will be quite painful due to the presence of ribs and a general lack of fat or muscle.  But if you’ve built a decent set of pecs at the gym, chest tattoos should feel like nothing more than freshly-sharpened pencil taps.


Although they are smaller than the chest area, the arms can be good canvases for medium-sized pieces or collections of smaller pieces.  The most popular arm tattoos come in the form of “sleeves”, which are essentially full tattoos going from the wrist/forearm up to the shoulder.

The pain from arm tattoos is generally manageable save for specific areas like the crook of the elbow and the armpit.  Because of this, the arms are great areas for first-timers and people who have yet to grow accustomed to the pain of a tattoo instrument.

Women’s Ink

Women’s Ink

Behind the Ear

Tattoos behind the ear can be a fun and unique way to add to your collection of body ink.  Since most women will have relatively long hair, these tattoos can also be hidden should the situation ever call for it.

The only downside to behind-the-ear tattoos is the high level of pain caused by tattoo instruments.  Because of this, we’d recommend avoiding piercings and suggest getting accustomed to tattoos before having a piece done.


Though they won’t always be visible unless you’re rocking a swimsuit 24/7, hip tattoos can be extremely eye-catching.  The large surface area of the surrounding skin also means that bigger, more detailed pieces can be made.

Now, tattoos on the hips will hurt quite a bit since the area is sensitive.  But, the pain reduces significantly as you move to the lower thighs.  

Again, it would be wise to build up a tolerance to tattoos before trying this area.

Tattoo Pain and Aftercare

Tattoo Pain and Aftercare

We understand that there are spots we didn’t mention above, so to give you a brief overview of tattoo pain in general, we found this handy pain index.  It’s worth noting that other factors such as lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and skin conditions can also affect your level of pain.

Tattoo Pain Chart

Common rashes and eczema can also cause additional discomfort during the tattoo process so it’s best to consult a dermatologist if you’re unsure about your skin conditions.  For reference, we’ve gathered some lists for reliable dermatologists in Wellington, Tauranga, and Christchurch

Although it won’t be as painful, recovery can still be quite uncomfortable if you’ve had work done in sensitive areas such as the sternum, hips, and inner arms.  To avoid pain and friction with skin and clothing, you may want to invest in some ointment and order a tattoo bandage.

That wraps up our list of unique spots for men’s and women’s tattoos.  We hope this list was able to provide you with an idea of where to place your next piece of ink.