5 Must-Haves for Any Mobile Gamer

5 Must-Haves for Any Mobile Gamer

In recent years mobile gaming has grown to be extremely lucrative.  Due to this widespread popularity, there are a number of products and gadgets being advertised now to mobile gamers.

With our guide, we’ll walk you through several of the most useful products to take your mobile gaming experience to the next level.  We’ll also provide some helpful resources to make finding these products easier.

Mobile Gaming Gadgets

Mobile Gaming Gadgets

Finger Sleeves

If the gaming mouse is absolutely essential to PC gamers, then finger sleeves would be the mobile gaming equivalent.  These spandex finger socks increase screen sensitivity while reducing sweat and touch errors.

As silly as they may seem, many professionals make use of finger sleeves to gain a slight advantage over other players.  While they may not make you play like a pro, they can certainly help, especially if you’ve got particularly clammy hands.

Power Banks

Regardless of your phone or tablet’s battery life, gaming for extended periods of time can drain your mobile device quite fast.  

To extend your playtime and reduce the need for a wall charger, you can choose to invest in a power bank.

As its name suggests, a power bank stores energy for your phone and can be utilized later on for charging purposes.

Headphones and Speakers

Some players prefer extremely loud game sounds while others enjoy having a quiet, and engaging audio experience.  Depending on your specific preferences, it may be wise to invest in a Bluetooth speaker or a pair of premium headphones

The former option allows you to turn almost any space into a game room, while the latter allows you to tune out the outside world for better in-game immersion..


If you’d like to have a similar experience to console gaming without the need for a TV or monitor, then a projector may be just right for you.  Paired with a decent speaker, a projector can allow you to take your mobile game to the big screen for less than $200.

The only thing you’ll need to make full use of this gadget is a blank wall big enough to accommodate your projected screen.

Blue Light Eye Protection

Since they are significantly smaller than monitors or TV screens, mobile screens tend to be held much closer thereby focusing more blue light on the eyes.  To avoid the adverse effects of blue light exposure and also reduce eye strain, it would be wise to invest in glasses or contacts.

Thanks to advances in lens technology both glasses and contacts can be equipped with a thin blue light filter which reduces the impact of gaming on your eyes.  But, it should be noted that gamers should still allow ample time between play sessions for full eye recovery.

Many of these gadgets can be found online for a great deal.  Regardless of what gadget you opt to invest in, we certainly hope it will improve your mobile gaming experience.