Mobile vs. PC Gaming - What’s better

Mobile vs. PC Gaming – What’s better?

With several unique video game platforms all vying for the top spot in the gaming spotlight, heated discussions often arise about which platform is best.  One such discussion is whether or not PC gaming is better than mobile gaming.

Using this guide, we’ll point out the pros and cons of both platforms in a bid to put this discussion to rest.  Along the way, we’ll also go over some resources for notable products and services pertaining to both gaming platforms

PC Gaming vs. Mobile Gaming

PC Gaming vs. Mobile Gaming

The Pros of PC Gaming

Firstly, very few consoles can come close to the processing power of gaming-oriented PCs.  This makes them uniquely capable of running quite literally any game, be it first-person shooters, massive open worlds, or even VR.

Beyond this, PCs and laptops also allow for a higher level of customization with regard to processors, graphics cards, and more.  The best thing about PCs is that even budget gaming builds can provide enjoyable gaming experiences.

The Cons of PC Gaming

If PCs have one glaring weakness, it’s the lack of convenience when setting them up.  Aside from graphics cards, monitors, mice, security, and software, you’ll also need a gaming chair, a desk, and sometimes an external cooling fan.

While you may be able to get a decent deal on the above accessories through online stores, the effort required to set up your PC can be quite exhausting.  This reason alone is enough to cause many people to opt for a different platform

The Pros of Mobile Gaming

As its name suggests, the greatest perk of mobile gaming is the ability to take your games just about anywhere.  Whether you play on a smartphone or a tablet, your gaming space is limited only by the battery life of your device.

In addition to its convenience, mobile gaming is also an extremely budget-friendly alternative to standard console gaming.  As a matter of fact, most mobile games are either completely free or available for a fee of no more than $20 (with a caveat).

This allows mobile players to put their money towards other gaming accessories such as cooling fans, thumbsleeves, bluetooth controllers, and the like.

The Cons of Mobile Gaming

The biggest drawback to mobile gaming platforms is the limited battery life offered by most mobile devices.  As a means of extending their play time, mobile gamers usually make use of power banks and similar accessories.

Along with limited play times, mobile gamers must also deal with the fact that there are a select number of mainstream mobile games.  This leads to certain genres being absent from mobile app stores.

And finally, many mobile games are monetized either through in-game purchases or ads. That’s not true of a fair number of PC games, especially the AAA ones.

Such PC games will cost more up-front, but because they don’t have ads or repeated in-game purchase systems, may actually cost less to play in the long run.

Which one is better?

When it comes to the question of which platform is best, the answer is—it depends.  Now while it may seem cliche, the truth is that mobile platforms and PCs both excel at different things.

If you’re the type of gamer who’s always on the move, you’re probably better off with a mobile gaming platform. Same goes if you don’t need a huge screen or put-your-eye-out graphics.

Alternatively, if you’re a homebody with some time to kill, a PC would likely suit you best. The hardware is just bigger and ultimately, stronger, which means it can deliver more spectacular visuals.

Regardless of what platform you choose, it’s important to remember that the “best” platform will ultimately be the one that brings you the most joy.  With the basic pros and cons covered, we certainly hope this guide was able to help you decide what platform was best for you.