What can a panel beater do for me

What can a panel beater do for me?

Panel beaters are car repair specialists who specifically focus on bending, pulling, replacing, and shaping car panels to get rid of unsightly dents.  While this is relatively straightforward, these technicians are actually capable of many other helpful services.

To help you learn more about panel beaters in general, we’ve prepared a basic guide to their most common services.  As a little bonus, we’ve also scattered resources for mechanics, auto insurance, car financing, rentals, and other similar services all throughout this article.

Panel Beater Service Offerings

Panel Beater Service Offerings

Panel shaping and replacement

As their job title suggests, panel beaters are skilled at shaping dented body panels through the use of various tools and equipment.  They are most commonly known for using hammers and mallets to beat car bodies back into shape.

Over time, these professionals have refined their methods to make panel shaping easier through the use of welding sticks, suction cups, and chassis pullers.  If a panel is deemed too damaged, your technician also has the means to order and install replacements.

Dent and scratch repairs

Dents and scratches differ from standard panel depressions as the material is usually removed as opposed to being pushed inward.  Panel beaters treat these cosmetic issues by using epoxies and fillers to fill in spaces.

Once the dent or scratch has been filled, a sander is then used to remove excess epoxy until only the filled-in areas remain.  This process of filling and sanding is repeated until all the dents and scratches have been repaired.

Panel painting 

Alongside dent and scratch repair, panel beaters are also responsible for painting cars once sanding has been completed.  This serves as a way to cover up any epoxy that was used to fill areas in need of repairs.

Due to their painting skills, panel beaters can be handy if your car’s paint has been stripped off due to corrosion or collisions. 

Hardware installation

Just as they replace destroyed panels and exterior parts, these technicians also install hardware that has been damaged or destroyed.  This can include door handles, side mirrors, locks, spoilers, bumpers, and the like.

Since many panel beaters have a general understanding of car wiring practices, they are also capable of mounting exterior sensors and indicators.  As a quick example panel beaters can install rearview cameras, dash cams, turn signals, and even proximity sensors.

Chassis and frame alignment

While your car’s exterior can be bent, pulled, and beaten back into shape, damage to the frame itself is not always so evident or easy to address.  Thankfully, panel beaters also take it upon themselves to align your car’s frame much like a chiropractor would a patient’s back.

Overall, panel beaters cater to a wide variety of cosmetic auto problems similar to how dermatologists treat various skin conditions.  Their wide skill set also allows them to handle some general repairs pertaining to car frames and chassis alignment.

Now that we’ve covered their basic services, we hope you’ll have an easier time seeking out a panel beater for your needs.