What services do pediatricians offer

What services do pediatricians offer?

Over time, there have been various medical fields that have risen to treat specific patients with unique healthcare needs.  Among these fields, pediatrics is the medical classification that deals with treating and caring for children.

To help you learn more about what pediatricians can offer, we’ve prepared this quick guide detailing some of their most common services.  In addition, we’ve also gathered some helpful resources pertaining to medical services, health products, and the like.

Explaining Pediatrician Offerings

Explaining Pediatrician Offerings

General Consultations

The most basic service offered by pediatricians is a general consultation which serves to assess a patient’s health much like with traditional doctors.  This also gives a pediatrician the chance to see whether or not a child has any pre-existing health conditions.

The identification of these factors is extremely important as certain health conditions can cause complications in later stages of life.  As children grow up, these periodic visits also serve to monitor physical factors such as height and weight.

During consultations, children and pre-teens with other needs such as psychological support may also be referred to other medical professionals as needed by a pediatrician.

Children’s Prescriptions

In cases where children are ill or suffering from an infection, pediatricians may prescribe certain medications.  These prescriptions serve to alleviate symptoms and combat infections, bacteria and viruses.  

Since children are still developing, it’s important to treat illnesses as quickly as possible in order to avoid adverse health effects.  Although general physicians can also prescribe medicine, pediatricians are better suited since they have an intricate understanding of children’s anatomy.

Newborn Examinations

Along with treating pre-teens, children, and toddlers, pediatricians can also offer excellent care and medical advice for newborns.  Since babies are extremely delicate in the first few months of development, regular visits to a pediatrician can help to monitor a newborn’s health.

If at any point your baby shows signs of illness or distress, your pediatrician will be able to identify the proper course of action to take.  This includes possible testing, blood exams, prescription medicine, and other similar measures.

Medical Procedures

Children that require surgery or immediate medical attention are also seen by pediatricians who choose to specialize in surgery and critical care.  These pediatric surgeons are trained specifically to operate on children to perform any number of essential procedures.

While all pediatricians treat children, a certain few also choose to specialize in treating specific illnesses such as heart disease.  Pediatric cardiologists usually deal with all matters pertaining to heart conditions, including diagnosis and treatment.

To reiterate, pediatricians work as doctors with a specific focus on children.  They perform surgery, prescribe medicine, engage in check-ups, and treat patients much like any traditional physician.

If you intend to enlist the services of a pediatrician, it’s worth noting that most children are covered by New Zealand’s public policies. Now that we’ve covered various basic pediatric services, we hope you have a better understanding of what pediatricians have to offer.