What type of pet is best for younger children

What type of pet is best for younger children?

Growing up can be tough regardless of whether or not you and your child are fully prepared for life’s challenges.  One thing that may help your little one grow to their fullest potential is the presence of a loyal and loving companion.

With this guide, we’ll provide you with various pet ideas to help you find a proper animal companion for your child.  As a bonus, we’ve also included resources for pet shops, vets, dog shelters, pet furniture, and other related services.

Pet Ideas for Children

Pet Ideas for Children


You can’t go wrong with man’s best friend, especially if you intend to have them grow up alongside your little one.  Depending on the breed you choose, your dog can also double as a four-legged bodyguard to help watch over your child when you’re not around.

The most common breeds that families with children opt for are usually, golden retrievers, labradors, beagles, and Irish setters.  These dogs are strongly preferred due to their patient and playful personalities.


Cats are rather peculiar pets in that no two cats will have the same personalities and preferences.  While some cats may enjoy being cuddled and groomed, others will gladly bear their fangs and claws at the slightest bit of physical contact.

To ensure that your cat has a decent temperament it’s important to pay attention to their pedigree and breed.  Maine coon cats in particular are known for being extremely gentle, kind, and sociable.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are great pets for those who wish to have a companion that carries significantly less responsibility compared to a cat or dog.  Since they are generally hardy and easy to care for, they can be a great pet for children who are just learning to care for animals.

Aside from their convenience and great health, guinea pigs also have unique quirks such as popcorning and squealing.  These behaviors distinguish them from your run-of-the-mill pets and add to their special appeal.


Of the many bird species available most families choose to care for parakeets as they are generally gentle and playful.  Aside from being a joy to handle, these birds can also be taught to communicate and even imitate common phrases.

Before you decide to pick up a winged companion for your child, remember that birds can often trigger reactions in those with allergies.  Because of this, it would be wise to screen your children for allergies and take precautions with the help of a pediatrician.

Crested Geckos

To add an exotic twist to our list, we also chose to recommend crested geckos as an alternative to more common pet varieties.  These cute reptiles make excellent pets as they are easy to care for, pleasant to handle, and great at handling household pests.

For extra safety, we’d still recommend supervising children if they intend to handle a gecko as these little lizards can give a small bite if mishandled.

Now that we’ve covered some popular choices for childhood pets, we hope you’ll be able to find a fitting companion for your little animal lover.