How much do podiatrists charge in New Zealand

How much do podiatrists charge in New Zealand?

Many folks are all too familiar with the satisfaction that comes from seeing someone remove an extremely tough ingrown nail.  But, while many people are familiar with this procedure, not many Kiwis know the actual costs behind such treatments.

To help you budget for your next appointment with a podiatrist, we’ve prepared a cost guide detailing the fees and prices for common services and procedures.  In addition, we’ll also provide various resources relating to medical services and products.  

Breaking Down the Cost of Podiatrist Services

Breaking Down the Cost of Podiatrist Services

General Consultations

Whether you need to have a medical issue treated or you’re simply looking for specific medical advice, almost all podiatrist services will start with a consultation.  During consultations, podiatrists will usually examine your feet for signs of injury, pain, or infections.

If your physician finds an issue that requires immediate treatment, it’s entirely possible for most procedures to be carried out on the same day as a consultation.  As a result of this capability, some consultations may end up costing more than others.

Other factors that can affect the cost of consultations are lab tests and x-rays which are sometimes necessary to help diagnose an issue.  For basic consultations without any additional services, most people will end up paying between $50 and $150.

Beyond this, follow-up consultations and checkups will either be free of charge or significantly reduced at around $50 to $70.

Nail Extractions

Those who are familiar with foot doctors will know that they are well-equipped to handle ingrown toenails and other similar issues.  In certain cases, podiatrists will also provide clients with the option to have their toenails completely removed to avoid recurring nail issues.

Most nail care and procedures will run between $300 to $600 per session depending on the specific form of treatment carried out.  This cost tends to settle on the higher end of the spectrum if a local anesthetic is used to numb the toes prior to the procedure.

Minor Surgeries

Aside from nail care, podiatrists may also conduct minor surgeries from time to time if a situation calls for it.  This surgery can range from skin growth removal and cauterization to pinning and manual bone realignment in the case of breaks.

Overall these minor surgeries carry similarly high costs with most patients often paying between $400 to $800.  If your podiatrist deems it necessary you may also end up paying an additional $200 to $300 for a toe splint or protective brace.

Just like general physicians, some podiatrists may refer you to other types of doctors to receive a wider level of care.  From here your podiatrist and secondary physicians may sometimes work together to find a fitting solution to your health issues.

Naturally, for these collaborations, you’ll end up paying either two separate fees or a combined bill for all of your physicians.  To keep the costs of such services within your budget, it is advisable that you make use of public healthcare programs or utilize a private policy.

Now that you’re familiar with the basic costs of podiatrists, we hope you’ll have an easier time budgeting for all your healthcare needs.  If you often suffer ingrown toenails or other foot-related problems, we’d recommend bookmarking this article so you’ll always have a good reference.