How do I know if my roof is in need of repairs

How do I know if my roof is in need of repairs?

A good roof can last you a lifetime and see you through all manner of weather from sunshine and rainbows to rain and snow.  Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out whether your roof actually needs to be repaired.

So to make things a bit clearer, we’ve prepared a guide to help you identify some common telltale signs of roof repair.  In addition, we’ve also included resources pertaining to home renovation, construction, gutter cleaning, and other similar services.

Reasons to Consider Roof Repair

Reasons to Consider Roof Repair


Just as people begin to slow down when the years wear on, your roof’s structural integrity will weaken over time.  In unmaintained homes, this will be extremely apparent as your roof will look extremely old and unsafe.

However, in cases where a roof has been well-maintained, the need for repairs may not be so apparent.  This is when you ought to consider having your roof inspected as certain materials will lose their strength despite seeming structurally sound.


Leaks are significantly easier to spot as you’re likely to find watermarks, wet spots, and general water damage at the site of a leak.  If your roof’s leak is particularly severe you may even see mold developing in areas that have remained damp for extended periods of time.

In some cases, it’s also possible to hear leaks in your roof as water may drip constantly during heavy rainstorms.  Given the potential danger associated with water-damaged roofs, we strongly advise against checking your roof by yourself.  

Instead, it would be better to call up a roofing specialist and explain your specific concerns so they can be verified through inspection and dealt with accordingly

External Damage

External damage is yet another sign that can be more apparent to the untrained eye.  Common forms of damage can include broken shingles, exposed sections of roof decking, and also missing shingles.

While some forms of external damage can be superficial, they can actually direct water to more vulnerable sections of your roof.  This is why it’s imperative that even the slightest form of external damage be dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Unsealed Flashing

For those who are unaware, flashing refers to the metal sheets used to seal air ducts, chimneys, and roof valleys against water.  When your roof suffers damage it can expose sections of flashing to the elements.

Initially, this will not be much of an issue as flashing is water-resistant, but over time this can cause rust to eat away at the flashing and produce a leak.  Because of this, flashing repairs are also of the utmost importance as proper flashing helps waterproof your roof and home.

Sagging Sections

Sagging roof sections are yet another reason why professional inspections are necessary to help maintain your roof.  From ground level, a sagging section may not be immediately apparent, but at roof level, dips and depressions are much easier to spot.

These issues are common signs of weakened roof supports or sections.  As is the case with other structural issues, it would be wise to seek professional repair services as soon as possible to determine the current state of your roof.