How much do salons charge in New Zealand

How much do salons charge in New Zealand?

Hair salons offer a wide variety of services ranging from basic hair styling and treatment to basic waxing and facials.  While this makes them an excellent one-stop cosmetic service, it also makes it rather difficult to budget for a trip to the salon.

So, to make things a tad easier for you, we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the cost of common salon services.  As an extra bonus, we’ve also included various resources for dermatologists, hair removal, waxing, and other cosmetic services.

Breaking Down the Cost of Common Salon Services

Breaking Down the Cost of Common Salon Services

Hair Styling

As you may have guessed, the most basic service offered by salons is hair styling and trimming.  This service usually involves cutting, styling, washing, and drying a client’s hair in order to achieve a particular look.  

The cost of hair styling varies largely depending on a client’s specific preferences as well as the stylist’s skill level.  From what we could gather the cost of a styling session will often run between $60 and $180.

It’s worth noting that the fees for senior stylists and salon heads will reside on the higher end of the cost spectrum.  

Hair Coloring

Much like styling, hair coloring encompasses a wide variety of techniques and treatments that work to change the color and luster of a client’s hair.  Most basic coloring services involve dying a client’s hair in one specific color.

More advanced coloring treatments involve dying sections of a client’s hair to produce highlights and accents.  Depending on the length of a subject’s hair, the cost of these treatments will usually reside between $100 and $200

Hair Treatments

For both cosmetic and health-related purposes, hair salons also offer keratin treatments and procedures.  Depending on the specific type of treatment that is carried out, a client can expect their hair to soften, straighten, shine, or curl.

Since some of these treatments require extended exposure to heat, moisture, or other conditions, certain procedures will cost more than others.  These treatments often run between $20 and $200 

Manicures and Pedicures

Though their nail services don’t necessarily match up to those offered by podiatrists, salons do a good job of providing cosmetic nail treatments.  This can include standard clipping and filing or full polishing and nail extensions.

These services will run anywhere between $20 to $80 depending on the level of cosmetic services a client opts for.  It’s worth noting that the time spent applying manicures and pedicures can also play a factor in influencing the overall cost

Waxing and Facials

If your salon is particularly developed, it isn’t uncommon to see waxing and facials on their list of offered services.  Now, while you may not get the same level of service that you would at a specialized cosmetic clinic, salon facials and waxing can still act as a neat, basic alternative.

The cost for waxing generally rises as you move onto larger sections of the body.  Smaller areas such as the brows, lips, and chin, will usually cost between $15 to $40.

Alternatively, larger areas such as the stomach, legs, thighs, and arms will run you between $40 to $80.  Facials on the other hand tend to have a relatively smaller gap in prices with the average salon facial costing between $80 to $130.

Now that you’re armed with these cost estimates and a ton of cosmetic resources, we hope you’ll have an easier time seeking out and budgeting for salons.