Top Retreats in New Zealand

The 12 Best NZ Retreats That’ll Make You Want to Quit Your Job 

Did you know that the ancient Romans practised retreats to escape the chaos of daily life? Fast forward to today, and the allure of retreats remains stronger than ever.

Only instead of toga-clad philosophers, we have stressed-out professionals yearning for a digital detox and a reconnection with nature’s serenity.

Luckily, New Zealand has become a haven for retreat-seekers worldwide. From yoga havens nestled amidst geothermal wonders to eco-lodges perched on secluded coastlines, New Zealand offers a retreat experience for every soul.

Our team has tried various retreats across the country in search of the very best ones, and we’ve found them! So, ditch the Wi-Fi and join us as we let you in on all the top retreats in New Zealand, where wellness and rejuvenation await.

1. Aro Ha

Aro Ha

Address: 33 Station Valley Rd, Wyuna Rise, Glenorchy 9372, New Zealand

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 5 PM

Phone: +6434427011

Price: 6 day/5 nights from 6,950 NZD

Aro Ha, nestled in the stunning Glenorchy mountains of New Zealand, takes retreats to a whole new level. But Aro Ha isn’t just about postcard views (although, let’s be honest, those don’t hurt).

Channel your inner yogi or feel the earth beneath your feet on invigorating hikes. And for yoga lovers, don’t worry—there’s plenty of that.

Aro Ha throws in the good stuff too, from cooking classes to functional strength training that’ll leave you feeling like a boss. Or melt away tension in the infrared sauna, then prepare to be pampered with a daily massage.

Really, from meditation sessions to mindful movement practices, Aro Ha helps you tune into the present moment and ditch the tech-driven noise. You’ll leave feeling calmer, clearer, and more connected to yourself.

Pro Tip: Feeling fancy? Book a private retreat with your besties or family. Have your own wellness playground, complete with personalised programmes, gourmet meals, and the most epic mountain views ever. Talk about squad goals.

2. Wai Ariki Hot Springs & Spa

Wai Ariki Hot Springs & Spa

Address: 1047 Whakaue Street, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 10:30 PM

Phone: +6473497111

Prices: Starting at 495 NZD

At Wai Ariki Hot Springs & Spa in New Zealand, you’re in for geothermal waters swirling with Maori healing traditions,stunning views of Lake Rotorua, and treatments that leave you feeling like a brand new you.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a loved-up couple, or a group of friends on a wellness bender, Wai Ariki has packages to suit you. We’re talking romantic retreats, bestie bonding sessions, and even self-care solo escapes.

Their tanga haumanu package is the ultimate indulgence, perfect for melting away stress and rediscovering your inner peace. It includes sanctuary bathing, a private geothermal bath, wellness massages, spa essentials, and, of course, refreshments.

Pro Tip: Don’t be shy to mix and match! Combine different spa treatments to create a personalised retreat that perfectly suits your needs.

3. Maruia River Retreat

Maruia River Retreat

Address: 2314 Shenandoah Highway State Highway 65 Tasman 7077 South Island New Zealand

Phone: +64275633143

Prices: Starting at 1700 NZD for min 2 night stay

Maruia River Retreat ain’t your average glamping trip (although, let’s be honest, glamping is pretty darn awesome). 

Maruia River Retreat is pure luxury, with only private villas dotting the 500-acre estate. Think plush robes,platinum linens, and views that’ll make your Instagram followers cry tears of envy (in a good way, of course).

Here, you can breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun, and reconnect with Mother Earth. Hike through ancient forests, paddle down the crystal-clear Maruia River, or simply relax in your private haven.

And you can indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments that’ll leave you feeling like a new person – minus the baby-smooth skin, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Pro Tip: Check out their yoga retreats. Immerse yourself in their daily yoga practices, guided meditations, and workshops designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and create memories that’ll last a lifetime (or at least until your next Instagram post).

4. Mana Retreat

Mana Retreat

Address: 608 Manaia Road, Coromandel New Zealand, 3581

Phone: +64 (07) 866 8972

Prices: Starting at 100 NZD

At Mana Retreat, ditch the five-star fuss and embrace a unique blend of nature, community, and self-discovery that’ll leave you feeling like a hobbit who just found a second breakfast. 

Whether you’re seeking inner peace with a yoga retreat, channeling your inner goddess with a women’s circle, or getting crafty with a jewellery-making workshop, Mana’s got your back (and your chakras aligned).

Unlike some retreats where silence is golden (and awkward), Mana welcomes connection. Think summer camp for grown-ups, minus the questionable canteen food. 

While you’re here, hike through native bush on marked trails, get your heart rate up on the mountain track to a panoramic view, or simply wander the labyrinth, letting your thoughts unravel. 

Afterwards, treat your tired muscles to a blissful massage, and of course, melt away stress in the sauna, soak in the stars with their outdoor bush bath, or explore your inner zen with meditation.

Pro Tip: Support Kiwi artisans by snagging unique souvenirs at the on-site shop. Think hand-painted ceramics, funky jewellery, and maybe even a lucky pounamu (greenstone) to bring you good fortune.

5. Terra & Tide

Terra & Tide

Address: 44 Hekerua Road, Waiheke, Auckland 1081, New Zealand

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 10 PM

Phone: +6421669722

Prices: Starting at 233 NZD

At Terra & Tide, the private retreat walks go beyond snapping selfies with ferns. Their expert guides transform the forest into your personal spa, leading you on mindful journeys that tap into nature’s healing powers.

Breathe in the fresh air, soak up the silence, and reconnect with your senses in a way your city-slicker self has forgotten. But Terra & Tide doesn’t stop at nature walks.

Their wellbeing workshops take things up a notch,guiding you through practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. So swap spreadsheets for sun salutations, and replace boardroom stress with breathwork exercises.

Pro Tip: Planning a corporate retreat or a group getaway with your besties? Terra & Tide caters to your crew too! Think team-building exercises that involve bonding over stunning coastal hikes, not trust falls in a stuffy conference room. Your colleagues (or besties) will thank you (and maybe even offer a raise—hint, hint).

6. Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat

Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat

Address: 129 Marine Parade North, Piha 0772, New Zealand

Phone: +6498128775

Prices: Starting at 140 NZD

Feeling like you’re juggling life’s circus and need a break that screams girl power? If so, Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat is calling your name!

Wake up to the rhythmic whisper of the ocean, sunlight streaming through your private haven (think comfy chalets and a sea-view suite!), and delicious, nutritious meals prepared with love.

Honestly, Te Wahi Ora offers a smorgasbord of ways to nurture your mind, body,and spirit. Knead your worries goodbye with expert therapists using techniques like deep tissue, hot stones, and even Maori rongoa (traditional healing).

Or are you feeling overwhelmed? Seek guidance from qualified counsellors who’ll listen without judgement and help you navigate life’s hurdles.

Pro Tip: If you want to find spiritual sustenance, explore your personal beliefs and connect with something bigger than yourself through their workshops and reflection time.

7. Earth Energies Sanctuary

Earth Energies Sanctuary

Address: 3315 State Highway 2, Mangatarata 3576, New Zealand

Phone: +6478673448

Prices: Starting at 2,295 NZD for 2 nights

Earth Energies Sanctuary is a retreat experience that’ll leave you feeling recharged, reconnected, and ready to conquer the world (or at least your inbox) again.

You’ll have the entire 200-acre estate to yourself (except for the friendly cows, of course), with your own private cabin offering stunning views and all the comforts you crave. 

A wood-fired fireplace, an egg-shaped bath (hello, soak sesh!), and a balcony perfect for morning yoga with a side of fresh air.

Need a little extra relaxation boost? Earth Energies Sanctuary offers a wide range of therapies. Float in a sensory deprivation pod, delve into the mysteries of your subconscious with hypnotherapy, or indulge in a full-body massage that’ll leave you feeling like a new person.

Pro Tip: Privacy is their jam! The owners’ residence is a cool 800 metres away, meaning you have complete peace and quiet to enjoy your retreat without any interruptions. It’s like having your own personal spa resort, minus the hefty price tag.

8. Anahata Yoga Retreat

Anahata Yoga Retreat

Address: 727 Bird Road, Tākaka 7142, New Zealand

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM

Phone: +6435259887

Prices: Starting at 75 NZD

Calling all yogis, yoginis, and anyone seeking a soul-stirring escape! Anahata Yoga Retreat ain’t your average downward-dog-by-the-pool experience. This is a retreat that’ll have your chakras humming and your inner zen radiating like sunshine.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi craving deep dives into meditation or a curious newbie, Anahata has a retreat for you.

Participate in their daily yoga classes designed for all levels, led by experienced teachers who’ll guide you with compassion and humour (because, let’s face it, pretzel poses can be funny!). 

And explore yourself with their immersions, detox escapes, and even their silent retreats for ultimate inner peace.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to check their website for upcoming retreats and specific details!

9. The Provider Men’s Wellbeing Retreat

The Provider Men’s Wellbeing Retreat

Address: 70819, Tairua 3508, New Zealand

Phone: +64212274354

Prices: 2,500 NZD

The Provider Men’s Wellbeing Retreat in New Zealand is a game-changer for dudes seeking some serious R&R. Forget fancy spas and cucumber facials (although, hey, no judgement). 

This retreat is all about getting back to your inner caveman (minus the grunting and clubbing, of course).

For four days, you’ll channel your inner hunter-gatherer. Head out on the water and reel in some fresh fish, dive for shellfish on pristine beaches, and forage for hidden treasures in the forest.

And you’ll be surrounded by like-minded guys who get it—the need to unwind, reconnect, and have some laughs.

Pro Tip: Don’t expect to find any beer here! The alcohol-free environment ensures you’re truly giving your body a chance to recharge.

10. Ridge Country Retreat

Ridge Country Retreat

Address: 300 Rocky Cutting Road, Waitao 3175, New Zealand

Phone: +6475421301

Prices: Starting at 72 NZD

Ridge Country Retreat is like a choose-your-own adventure for the soul. Craving pampering? Check out the White Orchid Day Spa, where skilled therapists will melt your stress away.

Feeling more ‘explore the wilderness’ vibes? Lace up your boots and conquer one of the marked bushwalks, ranging from leisurely strolls to heart-pumping hikes.

And here’s the best part: you’re not roughing it here. The retreat offers luxurious accommodation in their villas, perfect for medium- to long-term stays.

Pro Tip: Snag those spa treatments in advance. They fill up fast!

11. Solscape


Address: Wainui Road, Raglan 3225, New Zealand


  • Check In – 2 PM 
  • Check Out – 10 AM 


Prices: Starting at 30 NZD

Solscape is all about options.Whether you’re a hardcore surfer, or just someone who wants to escape the daily grind, this place has something for you. 

Ditch the stuffy hotel rooms and choose from recycled train cabooses, cosy earth domes, or even pitch your tent under the stars. Bonus points for feeling like you’re living in a Wes Anderson movie.

Catch waves that would make Kelly Slater jealous with their surf school, or find your inner yogi with breathwork classes at the onsite Eco Centre. 

Feeling more Indiana Jones? Raglan offers horseback riding, rock climbing,kayaking, and enough outdoor activities to keep you busy for weeks.

Pro Tip: If mindfulness is your jam, Solscape hosts workshops on sustainability and holistic wellness. Learn how to compost like a pro, or discover the magic of essential oils.

12. Waiora Wellbeing

Waiora Wellbeing

Address: 53 Sandhills Road, Great Barrier Island Aotea 0991, New Zealand

Hours: Sunday to Monday – 9 AM to 6 PM

Phone: +6427383830

Prices: Starting at 175 NZD 

If you’re craving a retreat that’s equal parts soul-soothing and adrenaline-pumping, look no further than Waiora Wellbeing.

At Waiora Wellbeing, if you’re feeling emotionally out of whack, Waiora’s got your back with flower essence therapy. These potent little elixirs, made from sun-infused blooms, can help rebalance your energy and bring harmony to your inner flower child.

Really, from heart-pumping hikes through verdant bush to kayaking along hidden coves, there’s much to do on a Waiora Wellbeing retreat. Yoga, massage, sauna—the usual suspects are all here, ready to take away your stress and leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget your swimmers for those hot pools!