Our Picks for Travel Insurance in New Zealand
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Our 5 Picks for Travel Insurance in New Zealand

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Imagine how frustrating it is to get sick abroad or have your flight cancelled—not to mention the cost of everything. To avoid those issues in the future, we’ve listed travel insurance in New Zealand for you.

There are loads of travel insurance policies online with different benefits. Given this, it can be difficult to know which policy will best fit your travel lifestyle.

To help you choose, we’ll walk you through the fundamentals of travel insurance before proceeding with our list. So if you’re ready, let’s start!

How to Choose Travel Insurance

When booking local or international travels, getting travel insurance should be a priority. This protects you from spending big as a result of travel mishaps.

There are lots of insurance companies that offer different travel insurance plans, so you have to look around to find a comprehensive cover and deal. Anyway, here are the things you should know about travel insurance:

1. Types of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance comes in two main types: comprehensive and basic cover. You can further customise your plans to suit single trips or annual multi-trips.

Let’s take a look at each of them below:

  • Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive cover offers a complete set of benefits from medical cover to personal liability. Its benefit has a higher cover limit compared to the basic cover option.

Some insurers offer missed connection cover which can be helpful if you miss your connecting flight or cruise due to an unexpected event.

  • Basic Cover

The basic cover is cheaper than the comprehensive cover plan. It provides cover for almost all that the comprehensive cover does, but with considerably less cover limit.

For example, the comprehensive policy covers dental expenses for $2,000, whereas the basic cover only insures them for $300.

  • Single and Multi-Trip Travel Options

For most trips, a single-trip insurance policy would suffice. However, if you’re traveling frequently, a multi-trip insurance policy is better as it can help you save more.

A multi-trip policy only covers you for a set duration on each trip, i.e. up to 21 days. That said, you can have unlimited trips throughout the year and still be covered for each trip.

  • Domestic Travel Insurance

Even when you’re going on a local holiday, travelling still comes with some risks. Just think of lost deposits, travel delays, missed connections, and car rental excess.

You can do away with them by buying domestic travel insurance.

Medical cover is not included in domestic travel policies, however. That’s because ACC and the health system already cover New Zealanders for treatment and hospital fees.

  • Credit Card Travel Insurance

Some premium credit cards (like Airpoints credit cards) offer built-in travel benefits. Depending on the card, you get a particular level of cover when you travel.

Pre-existing conditions are normally not covered by credit card travel policies. However, they may allow it if you take a health assessment and pay an additional fee.

Another downside is that the excess of a credit card policy is usually higher as opposed to other insurance products.

2. Benefits

Travel insurance benefits include lost and stolen luggage, medical emergencies, cancelled or delayed flights, and damage or injury caused to another person or property.

Besides those mentioned, you can further tailor your travel policy by adding optional benefits like cruise cover, skiing cover, or car rental excess.

It’s especially important to be able to contact your insurer round-the-clock, in case you got injured overseas. This is definitely something you should look for!

3. Premiums

The premiums you get are based on several factors including your destination, trip duration, age, activity, and items you’ll bring.

If you choose to include optional benefits such as cancellation cover or rental vehicle excess, you’ll have to pay an additional premium.

4. Terms and Conditions

Travel insurance policies have different terms and conditions as well as exclusions. You have to understand them so that you’ll know the things you have cover for.

Not being aware of the T & C’s can even lead to the rejection of your claims. If you aren’t sure of something, you can ask your insurer about it.

5. Discounts and Promos

You can find great discounts or special offers from different insurers. These could be discounts for longer trip duration, purchasing online, or membership.

These can give you great value by lowering the premiums you have to pay.

Travel Insurance in New Zealand

Now that you know how to pick from our selection, here are your options for travel insurance in New Zealand.

1)   Flight Centre Travel Insurance

For Travel Insurance for Medical Care

Flight Centre Travel Insurance's Homepage

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At Flight Centre, you can protect your pre-departure arrangement and holiday trip by buying their travel insurance policy.

They partnered with Cover-More to offer a comprehensive ‘Yourcover’ policy and an affordable essential policy—a popular option for travellers both young and old.

The Yourcover policy automatically covers specific medical conditions during your trip. It also features 24/7 medical assistance & care to ensure you stay healthy and well.

For illnesses not listed in the policy, don’t worry, as they can conduct online or phone assessments. They will work out a solution so that your health is protected even if you’re in another country.

Their add-ons include cancellation as well as adventure, motorcycle, and snow sports activities cover. Also, children travelling with you share your policy benefits for free!


  • Provides international, domestic cover, or both (depending on your plan)
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Offers single or multi-trip policy cover
  • Allows you to choose your excess
  • Children are covered for free
  • Add-on cover available


  • No special offers or discounts

2)   1Cover Travel Insurance

For Travel Insurance for Frequent Travellers

1Cover Travel Insurance's Homepage

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Planning to travel for more than once a year? If so, it could be an excellent idea to have 1Cover’s Annual Travel Insurance a.k.a. Frequent Traveller Policy.

Rather than take out travel insurance for each trip, you can save plenty with their annual insurance. Their Frequent Traveller Policy lets you choose between a domestic or overseas travel policy.

In addition, you can choose the maximum number of covered days for each of your trips. The duration can be for a maximum of 21, 45, or 90 days.

Note that you get unlimited trips over the space of a year with their annual travel policies. Medical and hospital cover is only included with the annual overseas travel policy.

On top of that, getting a policy online won’t be that difficult. Moreover, you can tailor your travel by buying add-ons like a cruise pack, winter sports cover, and car rental excess cover.


  • Cost-effective policy
  • Unlimited trips each year
  • Provide cancellation and lost deposits cover
  • Have special offers on different trip durations
  • You can add your spouse to your policy
  • You can add your kids or grandkids to your policy for no additional cost
  • Simple purchase process


  • No COVID-19 cover

Customer Reviews

1Cover’s travel insurance is highly acclaimed on Feefo. Most clients said that the online process was super easy and that their staff was efficient and professional, making the claims process a hassle-free experience.

One customer shared his experience with the insurer:

“We used 1Cover insurance and unfortunately had to make a claim as our travel plans were cancelled. The claim process was effortless and the customer service team were timeous and professional in dealing with our claim. We will definitely be using 1Cover for all our future travel.”

Furthermore, another client said:

“It is the second time that I use them as travel insurance. I didn’t have to use it in any of the situations, but I like the quick and easy way they communicate via email and msg.”

3)   AA Travel Insurance

For Travel Insurance for Outdoor Activities

AA Travel Insurance's Homepage

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Whether you’re vacationing locally or overseas, AA Travel Insurance has some pretty interesting features you won’t want to miss.

Firstly, the policy covers you from lost deposits and travel cancellations. In addition, it offers selected cover if you happen to contract COVID and need medical assistance.

They have a 24/7 emergency service line you can call from anywhere in the world. The quoting process is swift and easy to help you to get your policy started.

Unlike other policies, their policy plans include recreational activity cover. These include skiing, snowboarding, hot air ballooning, paragliding, white-water rafting, and more.


  • You can choose from international or domestic plans
  • Quick quote
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • AA membership discount
  • Travel delay and missed connection cover
  • Free cover for dependent children
  • Selected COVID-related cover
  • Recreational activities cover


  • 7-day waiting period for the cover to take effect (after trip booking)
  • More expensive premiums

4)   AMI Travel Insurance

For Travel Insurance for Claims Processing

AMI Travel Insurance's Homepage

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AMI Travel Insurance provides reliable cover for overseas, domestic, and inbound trips. If your travel experience is disrupted, their claim won’t be as prickly as other insurers’.

For the domestic cover, they can cover you for up to $10,000 for cancellation or amendment of your hotel booking, rental car, flights, or other costs.

If you’re coming to New Zealand, you might want to avail their inbound cover. This covers hospital and medical costs, lost luggage, car rental excess, and personal liability.

Their overseas policy offers unlimited medical and dental cover, emergency cover, lost luggage, and personal liability. You can opt for a single or multi-trip option for this.


  • You can choose Overseas & Annual Multi-Trip, Domestic, or Inbound Cover
  • Single and annual multi-trip options available
  • Excellent cover plans suited to your needs
  • 10% off your travel insurance policy
  • Quick and easy claims


  • Higher premiums
  • Lower cover limit

5)   BNZ Travel Insurance

For Travel Insurance for Small Trips

BNZ Travel Insurance's Homepage

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If you are going out of the country and need good cover for injuries and health conditions, BNZ’s Travel Insurance might be for you.

No need to worry when you’re travelling with expensive or valuable belongings. BNZ’s Travel Insurance covers your belongings that are worth over $2,000, with a maximum cover of $5,000 per item.

If you have any pre-existing conditions, you should inform the team when you’re buying the policy, so they can arrange a medical cover for your condition.

At any place, any time, you can phone their emergency travel assistance hotline. They’ll help you out with your insurance needs in a professional and prompt manner.

You’re also covered for legal liability up to $2.5M.


  • Provides cover for luggage, booking, medical, and legal liability
  • 24-hour travel emergency assistance
  • Covers special items over $2,000; single items up to $5,000
  • Third party legal liability up to $2.5M
  • 7-day free-look period with full payment refund (if you haven’t travelled yet)


  • Doesn’t cover claims related to the pandemic
  • Lower credit limit
  • No discounts or special offers

And that’s all for travel insurance in New Zealand. With any of these travel insurance plans, you can enjoy your trips worry-free.

Do you have any comments or suggestions so far regarding our list? If you have one, you can let us know by commenting below and we’ll get back to you promptly.

By the way, you might want to enjoy insurance benefits as you spend and travel. In this case, you can apply from our travel credit cards in NZ list!