Why Auclanders Moving to Tauranga

Why are Aucklanders moving to Tauranga? 

With each day the sun rises over the Bay of Plenty, a new demographic trend is casting its own light on the city of Tauranga. Many Aucklanders are trading in their city life for life in Tauranga.

But why are Aucklanders moving to Tauranga? 

There are a variety of reasons people are making the move. Aucklanders generally move to Tauranga because of the job opportunities, the quality of life, the good weather, the proximity to Auckland and the strong sense of community. 

Join us as we delve more into the reasons why more and more Aucklanders are choosing to call Tauranga home. 

Aucklanders move to Tauranga for job opportunities

Auckland is often considered the economic powerhouse of New Zealand. But it seems many Aucklanders are moving to the sunny city of Tauranga for job opportunities.

One of the primary reasons Aucklanders are drawn to Tauranga is the promise of a better work-life balance. The pace of life in Tauranga is generally slower, allowing residents to enjoy more time outdoors and with family. 

Tauranga also boasts a thriving job market, which is another plus for Aucklanders. The city has a low unemployment rate too.  

The quality of life is a reason why Aucklanders move to Tauranga

One of the main reasons Aucklanders move to Tauranga is the allure of a higher quality of life compared to the hustle and bustle of Auckland.

Tauranga is renowned for its stunning beaches and coastal charm. Having an office within a stone’s throw of a beautiful beach makes the working day infinitely more bearable. 

This beach lifestyle, coupled with the city’s slower pace, provides an attractive contrast to Auckland’s busy urban life. Tauranga also offers residents easy access to green spaces and bush walking tracks. 

This proximity to nature fosters an active lifestyle and contributes to its inhabitants’ overall well-being and mental health. 

Aucklanders move to Tauranga for the weather

While no place is immune to climate change, Tauranga’s climate is generally more stable than Auckland’s. This stability appeals to those tired of dealing with Auckland’s intense weather.

Although Tauranga does experience its share of harsh weather, it tends to be less severe than Auckland’s. For example, while Auckland was hit hard by Cyclone Gabrielle, Tauranga was largely spared. This reduced risk of extreme weather can provide peace of mind.

Tauranga is also known for its warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The warmer temperatures make it possible to enjoy outdoor activities year-round, a significant pro for many.

Aucklanders move to Tauranga because of proximity to Auckland

Tauranga is just a three-hour drive south of Auckland, so it’s an ideal alternative for those seeking a change of scenery without straying too far from the country’s largest city. This allows many to maintain close ties with family and friends in Auckland, making the transition less daunting.

A fair number of Aucklanders who have moved to Tauranga continue to work in Auckland, in fact, commuting regularly between the two cities. The commute is feasible due to the excellent infrastructure and transportation services.

Being close to Auckland also means that Tauranga residents can still enjoy the benefits of a big city’s amenities. Whether it’s attending concerts, visiting museums, or shopping at high-end retailers, the accessibility allows Tauranga residents to enjoy these experiences easily.

Tauranga’s proximity to Auckland is especially advantageous for business owners and entrepreneurs too. It enables them to retain their business connections and client base in Auckland while enjoying the lifestyle benefits of living in Tauranga. 

Plus, moving from Auckland to Tauranga is often seen as a less drastic change than relocating to other regions or overseas. The cultural and lifestyle similarities and close proximity make the transition smoother and more manageable.

A strong sense of community attracts Aucklanders to Tauranga

Tauranga maintains a small-town feel that fosters a close-knit community. This provides a sense of belonging and social support that can be harder to find in Auckland’s sprawling metropolis.

The residents of Tauranga are known for their active participation in community activities. Whether it’s local sports teams, charity events, or neighbourhood gatherings, there’s always something happening that brings people together.

Tauranga has also become a top destination for retirees due to the relatively mild climate and the lower housing costs compared to Auckland. The city’s vibrant and active retiree community contributes significantly to Tauranga’s sense of community.

With its numerous cafes, markets, and community events, Tauranga offers ample opportunities for social connection. This social aspect appeals to many looking for a more connected community experience.